Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween was so much fun for the kids this year, despite a very early (and very busy) day for the two older kids with hockey practices. They ALL got to work on their pumpkins and this was the first year that Annie and Izzie got to trick-or-treat. It was unseasonably warm here and while everyone else was comfortable in their costumes, Izzie got a little overheated, poor thing. We went to a neighborhood that some of our kids' friends live in and it was CROWDED! And DARK (no street lights at all)! But we saw friends, got some candy and had a really great time. Meg was Hermoine Granger, Drew was Captain Jack Sparrow (the early years!), Annie was Abby Cadabby and Izzie was of course, Elmo.


Brooke Brown said...

Oh my goodness, Kristin - I love all of these! Meg looks like she was so excited and having fun being silly. Love the pic of Drew pretending to eat the pumpkin guts, too. Hilarious!

Emily said...

Great costumes!!!! Wonderful pics!!!