Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No, I haven't gotten into the eggnog

Christmas is just over a week away (eeek, ack, yikes!). I believe all my gifts are purchased. I haven't begun wrapping or baking. We do have our tree up and the house decorated inside and out, so kudos to us. I just started addressing my Christmas cards, which I usually have done and mailed at this point.

Instead of being on top of the whole Christmas thing, I'm in the throes of potty training. THE TWINS. Let me say that out loud again. I am potty training the twins. At Christmastime. No, I haven't gotten into the eggnog, although that sounds like a lovely thing at this point. I attempted potty training over the summer, but the girls just weren't feeling it. I decided to just let it slide instead of pushing them, because that worked out quite well with Drew. This past Saturday Doug offered them the opportunity to sit on the toilet instead of their little potties and they jumped at it. For the most part, they've done quite well with it all. I've been surprised at it all and quite proud of them.

But can I just say how absolutely exhausting it is to potty train two? It's like when I nursed them both as infants; I had to handle one first and then work with the second one. Back then, they didn't care who got fed first, but now it's sometimes a fight over who gets to pee first! While we happen to have several bathrooms in our home, it's not at all convenient to have them in separate bathrooms, so they have to learn to wait and be patient. Thank goodness for Dora Pull Ups and the fact that they girls can definitely take off their clothes by themselves!

For now we're rewarding them with stickers on a sticker chart (well, we were until I ran out of the stickers we purchased at Sesame Place over the summer. Oops.) and they LOVE that. I think as they get more adept at reading their bodies' cues, I can rely a little more on M&Ms here and there to help them out, but considering how often they're going now, I don't want little sugar junkies bouncing off the ceilings!

Oh and for good measure we picked up a second toddler bed through Craigslist last night for $10 and hopefully over Christmas break we'll be transitioning them to toddler beds. WHAT AM I THINKING? Send chocolate, rum and a padded room.


Brooke Brown said...

YEAH!!! You go!! Congrats to them and what a difference this will be for you once they are on the other side. Can't wait to hear about the beds, too. :)

LOVE your holiday card, by the way. And - loving all of your posts. :)

creative kerfuffle said...

wow--huge milestones to be going through right now! you'll be so much better on the other side : )

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Oh woman you are so much more brave than me. No way I would tackle the potty training yet and we tried the toddler bed...still too early for my 2yr tots. I will tell you I have 2/3rd of your request...chocolate and rum...head on over.