Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Smiling through the gray

It's a gray, gloomy day here in Maine, so I started thinking about the things that make me smile through the gray:

  • I love the twins in footy pajamas. I dug them out the other night because it's gotten COLD and they don't sleep under their blankets very well. They just look so warm and snug.
  • I love watching the kids color. We have a ton of coloring books and the kids just pull them out, grab our outrageously large bucket of crayons and go to town.
  • I love seeing the kids with books. Meg just finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Drew has stacks of books beside his bed and the girls are constantly sitting down with books. We got out our Halloween books the other day and I've just been reading them over and over to them (my favorite is Angelina's Halloween, but the kids like Ten Trick or Treaters best).
  • Coffee. What's not to love about coffee? Granted, a coffee delivery service as AndreAnna is often pining for would be great, but I'll take it hot and fresh from the pot each day.
  • Fall weather. Despite today's rain and bone chilling cold, I love fall. I love the changing colors around our house. Doug put up dried cornstalks from our garden on the posts on either side of front steps this weekend and now all we need are pots of mums and some pumpkins to finish the look.
  • Warmer clothes. Socks, sweaters, slippers all make me very happy.

So, indulge me. What is making you smile today?


Painless Mama said...

Things making me happy
1. Hot tea with milk and sugar
2. The Girl calling me "Mommy-Mom"
3. Sorting through the toys and clearing them out a bit.
4. Preparing to do the same with her books!

(Retroactive nesting! The Boy is already born, but one month in, I finally just enough energy to do it!)

AndreAnna said...

I swear, if I ever have a disposable income, I am so starting that coffee truck. With my homemade muffins!

Unknown said...

Your comment on my blog makes me smile. :) Thanks for stopping by.

brooke b said...

1. Chai Latte from Dean & Deluca (total treat!)
2. Watching my kiddos dance to their silly music when they think I'm not looking.
3. The hugs I get before lights out.
4. The smile on each boys' face when I pick them up from school/he hops off the bus.
5. All toys put away.
6. A very good book.
7. Comfy socks.
8. A sentimental photo.
9. Hearing someone belly laugh out loud. Seriously. What could be better?

Anonymous said...

Morgan telling me I'm her lovey bug

Morgan telling me her new shoes are seriously rockin'

Getting an hour at the gym to do yoga or run

Pulling all my Fall/Winter shoes out of their boxes. It's like falling in lust all over again

Preparing for my first At Home America home show in a couple of weeks. SO excited!!

Unknown said...

I'm smiling because I am alive.
I'm smiling because I have a warm bed and food and a car to take me back and for to work.
I'm smiling because I have the most awesome teenager ever!
I'm smiling because my spouse is the best man in the whole world!
I'm smiling because I get to connect with wonderful moms like you.

creative kerfuffle said...

all of those things also make me happy. truly. i also love coloring, the smell of crayons, the fell of the paper, everything. and books, i love the books and reading.