Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Christmas COOKIES and Holiday Hearts

I just looked at the title of my last post and realize I got the lyrics to the song WRONG. FAIL! But that's ok, because this post is all about COOKIES. Christmas cookies. Cass was talking about the Christmas cookies she's going to be making and it got me thinking that holy cow it's December 3rd and I haven't had a moment to think about Christmas cookies. Ok, not totally true because I ordered my bucket of sugar cookie dough from my niece or nephew on Thanksgiving thru their band fundraiser, so I have that going for me. Of course I don't actually HAVE the dough, so I can't do anything with it yet.

When I was a kid, my mom made all kinds of Christmas cookies. She made wreaths with dough she colored green and used a cookie press to make; I loved them, but they always took so much work. She made candy canes and those were fun to help make. We made peanut butter kiss cookies, which are probably my favorite cookie (why I only make them at Christmas is beyond me, except that Doug doesn't like peanut butter cookies unless they're Nutter Butters) and I was allowed to help with them. My job was to roll the dough in the sugar, then press the Hershey kiss in after the 5 minute cooking time. Oh, and I had to unwrap all 48 Hershey kisses as well. We made cutout cookies~angels, trees, snowmen and maybe Santa too. While making cookies was a lot of work, seeing the platter arranged with the different kinds and of course tasting them all was a special treat that I love remembering.

We also had a neighbor who was like a surrogate grandmother to me that would make a huge platter of cookies and bring them to us. They were all so different from what my mom would make that we looked forward to the arrival of a platter of rum balls (no, not for the kids!), snowballs, thumbprint cookies and maybe coconut macaroons too. I can't remember them all as it's been a long time since she was alive but I loved those cookies.

What's your favorite Christmas cookie?


AndreAnna said...

We all get together at my moms and make all the old-school cookies you just mentioned: rum balls, thumbprint cookies, shortbread..

Homemade plain chocolate chip is still my all-time favortie though. The kind that are chewy AND crunchy. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY.

Saly said...

The peanut butter blossoms are my favorite too. mmmmmm

Di said...

I love those Christmas Wreath cookies too - in fact one year my mom got me a battery powered cookie press for Christmas!

Also, I love buckeyes, which are chocolate and peanut butter goodness.

creative kerfuffle said...

cookies, i love cookies. we always did the sugar cookies growing up and then my mom would make russian tea cookies (but i think they're actually called wedding cake cookies?) and snickerdoodles. my FIL made an awesome cookie called hootie creeks--omg--sourdough and cranberries and choc chips and nuts and yum!

Robyn said...

Thumbprint cookies and spritz cookies are my FAVORITES. But, really, I can find a place in my belly for ANY homemade cookie. There's just something special about them at Christmas time!

Anonymous said...

My favorite chookie are applesauce cookies.

Astarte said...

Mmmmm, COOKIES. Thank heaven's it's late, or I'd probably be getting out the makings just from thinking about this question!!!

My favorites are sugar cookies with frosting, sprinkles and red hots. Mmmm, MMM!