Friday, December 5, 2008

To toddler bed or not to toddler bed

First an update: Izzie went to the orthopedist this morning. He's our new best friend. Her break wasn't as bad as some and will heal rather quickly. He fashioned a bit of a sling for her that keeps her arm closer to her body. Once she isn't in so much pain I'll be happier. For now, helicopter mama has returned.

While I am awaiting a call from child services (you know, once the urgent care center puts two and two together) I've been contemplating toddler beds. I think I've blogged before that I was waiting until the girls were, say, fifteen for toddler beds, for my own sanity. The daily nap, or lack thereof, is my only respite during the day. If they're safely ensconced in their cribs and SLEEPING, I can do things like laundry, or blogging, without them climbing stairs or running about. I've had good and bad experiences with toddler beds, which is why I'm on the fence.

Meg transitioned to a toddler bed at about 20 months. Our neighbors were selling one in mint condition for $10 and we snapped it up. We honestly had no idea what we were doing, but thought we'd try. She did incredibly well. She slept in the bed, never got up at night, and never left her room in the morning until someone came to get her up. We never had a gate at the top of the stairs because she never wandered. It was all kinds of heaven.

We started transitioning Drew to a toddler bed at our old house at about 18 months, before our big move. He did ok, but not swell. Then when we moved here, all hell broke loose. Too many transitions at once turned our good sleeper into a nightmare. He'd tear his room apart-all the clothes out of the closet, diapers out of the changing table, no naps. He'd fall asleep behind his door so that we'd hit him in the head when we went to check on him. After 2 months of very little or no naps the crib went back up and he was a much happier person. At about 2 1/2 he got my nephew's bunk beds and the bottom bunk is his bed (the other parts are in the basement) and he loves it. He is still a wanderer but a good sleeper.

The twins are a lot like Drew. They're rather impulsive and don't listen well, ever. I know they're not quite 2 yet (OMG next month!) and I haven't at all forgotten how awful it was with Drew and he was only one child. Maybe they'd surprise me by sleeping well in a toddler bed, but given our track record, I am thinking they'll rebel at it heartily. They play off each other; if Annie isn't sleeping, Izzie rarely sleeps. I don't have any more bedrooms available in the house in order to separate them, so they'll be sharing a room for life.

So, for now I hope that Izzie won't try to climb out of her crib again since obviously she doesn't know how. And I hope Annie will remember that Izzie got hurt trying to follow her lead, and that the girls will just nap at naptime instead of practicing for Barnum and Bailey's Circus.


Karly said...

My daughter didn't realize she could get out of her toddler bed for quite awhile. But, yeah, it is scary to possibly do away with the naps! Good luck!

AndreAnna said...

It is s scary transition. We pretty much skipped the toddler bed and put her in a twin bed with a side-rail thing. She loves it and though gets up, she doesnt do anything destructive other than WHINE ME TO DEATH.

Astarte said...

Josie did us the service of showing Patrick how to climb out of his crib on his second birthday. Thankfully, his present was a child loft bed. Argh. Good luck, especially with it being Xmas time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Morgan will be 3 in January and is still in a crib. She's made no attempts to get out (so far) so, we'll keep her there as long as I can. Her crib converts to a toddler bed and then to a full size bed so, I'm hoping the transition won't be TOO big for her.