Monday, March 30, 2009

And now back to my regularly scheduled programming

I had a weekend away this weekend. I left at 4 on Friday and met up with my family at 10 yesterday morning at the ice rink. I got together with some friends at a condo and scrapbooked. All weekend. It was a really nice weekend. We ate. We drank. We ate some more. We watched some movies while we scrapbooked. We stayed up much too late. It was just a lot of fun and I got quite a bit accomplished in 2006 family album. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

With that said, I was so happy to come home and see my family that I practically ran out of there yesterday morning. I was up before everyone else, so I packed up my things, tidied up the place and made coffee. I showered quickly and left right on time so that I could be to the ice rink in time to see Meg play her game. Drew, the twins and my parents were waiting for me to arrive, and it was so awesome to have Drew run into my arms and hug me so tightly. The girls squealed my name when they saw me. I went down to the locker room to hug Meg, and she announced she was going to score a goal for me. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that she scored 4 goals yesterday! It was a phenomenal way to see my family.

Today I'm trying to make up for being away. The dishwasher has been run and needs to be emptied. The first load of laundry for the day is in the washer. I'm working on figuring out dinner for tonight. I've dealt with an issue pertaining to our closing on the other house for tomorrow. And while it's my normal routine, I feel a little bit more relaxed with it today. I don't feel ready to take on the world, but I do feel rested enough to tackle whatever today throws at me. While it was nice to get away, it was so nice to come home too.


Jill said...

Good for you!! We all need a break like that every once in awhile. Makes us appreciate our family and our family appreciate us! Plus, time without being someone's mommy is always a good thing, right! It's always nice to go back to real life, though!!

AndreAnna said...

While I'd rather shove ice picks in my eyes than scrapbook, I totally know what you mean. Going away is AWESOME. Coming home is awesomer.

Mike said...

Nice to read that someone loves Mondays—and the dishwasher routine—as much as you do.


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