Monday, March 16, 2009

And so ends my life of leisure

Have I mentioned that I lead a rather spoiled life? No? Well, I do. My husband works 5 minutes from home. He comes home for lunch. He picks Drew up from preschool twice a week. He can pick up Meg for me if the girls are still sleeping. He takes her to school on Fridays. Spoiled.

Well that life of leisure ended this morning. Starting today Doug is no longer working in the office for the next several months. He'll be in another town, working as a construction inspector while a road is being ripped up, the sewer lines replaced, and the road redone. He'll be leaving the house at 6:30 every day and coming home at 5. He won't be home for lunch. He won't be picking Drew up from preschool, or able to get Meg if the girls take a late nap. Because I am a big baby, I am finding this sudden thrust into the real world devastating. Ok, I'm not really but after two years of being spoiled by his presence, I'm going to miss him tons. The kids are going to miss him too. They're also spoiled by having Daddy join us for lunch every day, and Drew adores having Daddy pick him up at preschool. I'm sure once we get through this week we'll be fine, but just let me wallow in my sadness for a minute or two.

On a high note, we had a good weekend of hockey. I have to post pictures, and let me explain the details behind them. Meg played goalie in her own hockey game on Saturday morning at the ungodly hour of 8:20 am. She did fabulous, despite letting up a ton of goals. She hadn't strapped the goalie equipment on in a year, so we were very proud of her hard work. Then, we went to Drew's final hockey practice of his season. We got permission to have Meg play goalie for Drew's game. I've never had them on the ice together, fully dressed in their equipment. It was so cool to see them out there together. Check it out:

( Top photo is Meg and Doug and I took it from the bench; second picture is DREW in goal!; third is Meg in goal and Drew skating, and then the fourth is them TOGETHER!!!)

So that's life here in a nutshell. It's going to be all kinds of crazy for a bit, so please pardon if I don't get to comment on blogs while I adjust.


Samantha said...

Don't worry Kristin, the time away will just make the appreciation of both parties that much bigger.

Love the hockey pics. I'm a hockey fan and am hoping Jordan takes a liking to it as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the big change...I would pout the entire time, myself! I hope it flies by, I really do.
Ryan keeps saying "My favorite game is hockey!!" Maybe we'll have a player in the family someday ourselves. :)

creative kerfuffle said...

LOVE the pics :) and here's hoping you make it through this change. i know you can do it, even though it's going to be rough.