Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alexander Graham Bell must hate me

When I was a teenager, I talked on the phone incessantly. Of course this was all before the invention of the internet, email, IMs, Facebooks, blogs, etc. You know, because I'm OLD. Ahem. I remember my parents finally telling my friends that called all the time that they were limited to a phone call a day. After all, we did see each other all day long at school, and for some of them on the bus too, so what the heck did we need to talk about?

When I was working, my phone literally grew out of my ear. I spent countless hours calling lenders for loan payoffs, for paperwork, calling brokers, buyers and sellers. I am certain I spent more time on the phone than I did actual "work". Lots of my calls were to automated systems, rarely to a real, live human being. Sometimes that was preferable to the real, live human beings I did have to speak with.

Now that I have Twitter, Facebook, my blog, email and a whole host of other computer related things, I almost never have a phone conversation anymore. My long distance bill used to be huge, but now I have unlimited long distance that I don't use. I'm not complaining though, because in all honesty, talking on the phone is a stressful event in my house these days. The minute I pick up a phone one of my darling cherubs needs something RIGHT.THAT.MINUTE. If I try to go into another room, they follow me, yelling for attention. Anyone who has attempted to call me during the daytime is usually treated to me talking to my KIDS more than to THEM. It's frustrating for everyone involved.

The same goes for blogging. Right now, my twins are screeching for my attention at the top of their lungs. Izzie is pulling on the computer cord and Annie is trying to sneak up the stairs. They both want "huggies" because I am occupied with something other than them for a minute or two. I keep reading blogs but my ability to respond is extremely limited these days given how the kids behave. It's very much like my parents limiting my friends' calls; all I can do is read but I can't comment, let alone write a blog post of my own.

Where was I going with this? Hmmm. Not sure. I had to put one twin in bed because she wouldn't stay off the stairs and I've been interrupted by the other 3 kids for various things. Anyway, I'm still here and I'm still reading (and sometimes writing) and if I haven't stopped by your blog in awhile, it's not for lack of trying. I need to carve out some more "me" time and then I'll be commenting away!


Jess said...

I think it's nice that the phone doesn't have a monopoly on real-time communication anymore. It's good to have options.

Brooke Brown said...

It is definitely Murphy's conversations = kids having incessant, urgent, insane needs. Hang up the phone and the needs disappear. Must be part of the kid handbook.

creative kerfuffle said...

my kids are 9 and 12 and they do the exact same thing to me. whenever i get on the phone that is the time they can't find something or have to ask me a question or something! it's awful. and i really don't like talking on the phone that much anyway.

Robyn said...

Ugh. I hate the phone. I have NEVER been a phone person, even as a teen. When I'm home, I just like to be focusing on what's going on. Of course, email or texting isn't always appropriate and doesn't always cut it, but GONE are the days of the uninterrupted, long phone chat (for me).

Anonymous said...

I'm okay on the phone. I don't love it--usually because I'm trying to do things and if I have the phone held between my ear and neck, my neck gets all jacked up and then I get a headache and then I'm miserable and then I want to eat and then I gain weight and then I complain.

See? Don't love it.

I have been HORRIBLE at commenting lately. I read, but rarely comment. My payback for that is hardly any comments on my own blog.

You're my hero! Four kids and a house to take care of and you kick ass at all of it. I? Barely make it somedays with ONE child.


Astarte said...

I've been missing everyone's comments!!!! I feel like no one's coming. :(

I love email, way more than being trapped on the phone. If the kids interrupt me, I can go back. Email doesn't make a jarring, awful noise when I'm in the middle of something else. The phone seems so intrusive to me, like another kid screaming 'ME! ME, NOW!!!' I ignore the thing half the time.