Sunday, August 10, 2008

Non-Sequitor Sunday

Sunday night. The Olympics are on in the background. The tv has been on for pretty much two days straight. I love the Olympics. We watched most of the opening ceremony Friday night, but had it on DVR for the kids to watch. We're glued to the basketball, swimming, beach volleyball, and in another week, the diving. We are huge winter Olympic fans, what with two ice hockey players in the family, but the summer is just as fun. But really, how did table tennis and badminton become Olympic sports? And if anyone can explain fencing to me, I'll be forever grateful. I just don't get it.

The sun finally returned this weekend. Except for Tuesday, it rained every other day this week. And by rain, I mean downpours all day long, with dark skies and thunderstorms. As you can imagine, we were all CRAZY by Friday. And by crazy I mean we put the kids to bed at 6:30 Friday night (all 4 of them) because I seriously couldn't look at them ONE.MORE.MINUTE or I would have gone right off the deep end. That is such a short walk for me these days that I figured them in their rooms was better than me in lockup. Ha. So, having the sun out yesterday was heaven. I went for a pedicure with friends yesterday and then all afternoon the kids played outside. Doug and I even got out for a quick dinner (thank you mommy and daddy!) without the kids. Of course the weather channel is predicting more ()*$#( rain for this week.

It's only 4 weeks until school starts again. We still don't have any idea who Meg has for a teacher. Her placement letter that came in June said "Teacher TBA". I know the school system had to hire a kindergarten, first and second grade teacher at her school (it is only a K-2 school), but I was hoping we'd know by now. We are required to provide quite a bit of her school supplies, but we have to wait for the letter from the unknown teacher. I HATE waiting until the last minute to do such things, and because I have to shop at WalMart (argh) to get our supplies (please Target, I beg you, come closer to my house), it's usually picked over by the time we know what they need. I really hope we hear this week.

While I'm sad the weekend is over, it means that I'm one week closer to having Doug home for vacation again. It's his last vacation until the end of the year. I don't think we're going to be as busy this vacation, as we need to get stuff ready for back to school, and I truly need a rest. This has been a long and arduous summer, with the kids being so sick, and the horrible weather. I always hoped that summers would be my kids outside, having loads of fun and me enjoying it all. This summer hasn't lived up to those dreams. So, I am looking forward to a little vacation week and maybe I'll do something for myself. Suggestions?


AndreAnna said...

Drive to NJ?

Anonymous said...

LOL, How about drive to Scarborough, and have coffee with an old friend!!! :)

Astarte said...

Four weeks left?! Yuck! Our kids start next week!!!! Yippee!!! Oh, wait, uh, I mean, I will be so sad to see them go. Yeah. That's it.

Hmmm... I have found that I like going to get sushi by myself at an off time of day, like a late lunch around 1:00 or so. No one's there, you can sit wherever you want, bring a magazine, and just hang out. Love. it. Also, there's always a pedicure, but since I'm STILL growing out that big toenail I busted up at the beginning of the summer, there have been no pedi's for me. Wah!

Sammie-J said...

I hear ya with the rain deal, we're real sick of it up here too.

Kids in bed at 6:30, I'm lucky to have Jordan to bed by 8:30 some nights. If he was in bed by 6:30, I don't think I would know what to do with myself.

Mike said...

The Olympics are seriously POing. Ping pong a sport? Check. Syncronized diving? Check. TWO types of volleyball...indoor and outdoor? Check? Baseball and softball? Not sports. Cancelled after this year. What?

creative kerfuffle said...

ugh--summers are never what i intend them to be either. one more reason (aside from heat/sweating/humidity) that i hate summer. school starts here on aug 25 and aside from the fact that means getting up at the butt crack of dawn again, i'm ready for it.
i like astarte's idea of sushi at irregular times. i wanna do that!

btw--my word verification is uotdarkk (yououtadark) :)