Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Still Standing, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

It's been a crazy few days. Let's see if I can manage to get it all down, bullet style.
  • We put our house on the market last Monday. We had a ton of showings. It was almost obscene the amount of people who wanted to see our house because it was at such a low price. We had an offer on Friday night. It was a LOUSY offer and they wanted the moon. We put in a counter offer on Saturday, which was accepted with a minor change on Sunday. Barring any complications from the home inspection on Friday, we close at the end of March. Cross fingers, toes, etc. for us please, as this will end a very long three year ordeal with this house. We first tried to sell it in May of 2006.
  • Sunday night Old Man Winter smacked us with just about TWO FEET of new snow. It wasn't light fluffy snow, but instead wet, heavy snow that caused a tree to fall on our power lines early Monday morning. We woke up at 3am to Meg and Drew in our room because we had no power. No power for us means no water (no flushing toilets) too since we have a septic system and a well. We spent Monday hoping the power company would come, but no such luck. We warmed up at my brother-in-law's house Monday night, then came home to a house that was 55 degrees.
  • Yesterday we were up at 3 with the twins who were so cold they just kept crying. It was 50 degrees in here when we managed to crawl downstairs. My father-in-law arrived with a propane heater at 7 am that we put in the basement and after a few hours the house was 60. Right after lunch my dad arrived with his generator and our friend Brian, who's an electrician, helped Doug hook it up to power our furnace and water heater.
  • Our main saving grace was having a gas range. We were able to melt snow to flush the toilets, and once Doug went into his office and got water, I could make cocoa or instant coffee. Thank goodness!
  • Central Maine Power Company got our power restored at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. I was quite pleased that they CALLED US to make sure that our power was indeed up and running, so that they could clear us off their list of homes without power. At one point in time this week, there were 100,000 Mainers without power. There are still those without power. I totally feel for them.
  • Today was a normal morning. Meg and Drew were bickering at 7 am. Meg went to school (which she did yesterday and it was good she was warm) and the girls and Drew are playing. As much as this "normal" can be annoying, I'll take it over what we've had to deal with the last two days.
So I think that covers where the heck I've been lately. What's new with everyone else? I'm quite behind on my Google Reader and have plenty to do here to play catch up. I'll get with everyone real soon.


AndreAnna said...

Having no power blows. We have a generator in the garage that we bought after we lost power for 2 days because of an ice storm a couple years ago. We haven't had to use it yet but I feel better knowing its there.

Jill said...

That is fantastic news about the house!! Congratulations and I hope all goes well!!

Big bummer about the power. We had a problem with our furnace earlier this winter and our house got down to 55, too. That is freaking cold!! Glad it's all back up and running now!

Nina said...

That makes for a crazy week. We are like you and when the power goes out all is lost. I think it is harder not having water than it is electricity.

Sounds like good news on the house. We will cross our fingers.

Robyn said...

OMG, you're like a pioneer woman! Melting snow to flush the toilets -- I am beyond impressed!

I'm SOOO glad you've got heat again (and coffee).

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristin! I've tried to comment a few times in, gosh, the last few months, but it never pops up. Ack! I'm hoping this one will!

I'm so sorry ya'll were out of power-that STINKS. We were absolutely loaded with snow but kept electricity, thank goodness.

Go Away Winter! :-)

(Oh yeah, and aren't all these school vacations crazy? Erick is a teacher, so they are nice for me, but I've never known a state to have so many school breaks. WOW.)