Friday, February 6, 2009

Little Miss(es) Independent

I'm not a big fan of that Kelly Clarkson song, but the title does certainly accurately describe life with Annie and Izzie these days. Yes, we are in the throes of the "me do it" phase of their lives. I applaud their independence, I really do. I am thrilled when they want to put on their own boots, or get their mittens on by putting the "thumb in the thumbhole!!". When there are four children to get out the door, having each man fend for him or herself is helpful.

With that said, the "me do it" phase is quite maddening when twins are involved. When Annie figured out how to climb up into her highchair, Izzie wanted to learn, quickly. Great, fine, excellent I thought. Well, then they wanted to learn how to strap themselves in. Ok, all well and good. Except that many times they get themselves halfway in, decide they want to get out to play, and screech. Loudly.

The girls have also taken to climbing into their own car seats. This too is helpful, if they cooperate, which lately they aren't doing. Once I get Annie in the car, I tell her to go climb into her seat. Usually she goes to the back row where Meg and Drew sits, thinking I can't get to her. This causes Izzie to run around the inside of the car instead of getting into her seat. So picture me climbing into the car after them (by car I mean a Ford Freetsar minivan) while they protest, loudly again. All he** breaks loose as I throw them (gently, of course) into their seats and hold their little bodies down while I MacGyver them into their seats. Ahh, independence.

As with all siblings, there is a leader and a follower. Annie is my leader, albeit a de facto one. She is bigger and stronger than Izzie, so she's figured out the physical aspects first, like stripping off her clothes, or climbing out of her crib. We all know how well that worked out for Izzie (No? Read here). I am eternally hopeful that as they get older, Annie will lead Izzie down a good path, instead of right into the street.

And now I must go put their clothes back on and remind them not to jump in their cribs.

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LoriD said...

Yeah. Sometimes it's just easier if they don't do it themselves. The carseat thing is THE WORST. Many times I have had to pin down a kid with my elbow just to get them in.