Monday, March 9, 2009

The Good Stuff

I had a really decent weekend. Considering the tone of my last post, I was expecting a lousy weekend but in reality it was good. There was lots of good stuff, like the following:

  • Meg scored a goal in her hockey game Friday night. It was her last game of that hockey session and I was there, her grandparents were there, and as promised, she scored a goal. When she started playing hockey last year she wasn't comfortable on the ice at all; it's amazing how much she has progressed.
  • On Saturday Drew had hockey and was thrilled to have touched the puck with his stick during his hockey game. He is so much younger than most of the kids on the ice, so this was a huge accomplishment for him.
  • Check out this gorgeous dress we got for Meg for the Daddy-Daughter dance in two weeks:
Isn't it beautiful? I got a very lightweight long sleeve cardigan for her to wear with it. I nearly cried when she tried it on because she looked so grown up. Take a stab at where you think I got it.

  • I mopped my kitchen and dining room floors yesterday. It was such an accomplishment considering that it's still muddy and snowy and generally GROSS here. And while I was mopping I had windows open and was enjoying the lovely weather.
  • Izzie is feeling better which a big thing. When she felt awful she was a cranky little girl. It's much nicer to see her smile.
  • We watched a very trippy movie with the kids yesterday. The Last Unicorn. Weird shit.
  • If you don't have Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine, you should. I'm not a huge Martha fan but the food is awesome. We had the Roast Pork Loin with Carrots and Mustard Gravy last night. HEAVEN.
Of course now it's Monday and it's snowing, again. But, it's not a snow day. And that's good stuff!


Cass. Just Curious said...

I am SO glad you had a good weekend. Hooray for goals and scores on that dress its SO beautiful. The idea of Ross and Lexi having a daddy daughter dance has me in tears. Wahhhhh.

AndreAnna said...

That is such a cute dress! And I'm very glad you had a good weekend. I have up on mopping while there was snow on the ground. The dog would inevitably track mud through the back door 8 times a day while people would track it through the front.

And now it's going to rain for 3 days. Awesome.

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah on all the hockey accomplisments : )
the girl and the hubs did the father daughter dance thing a few years ago--sooooo precious! and, my guess is that's a tarjay dress no? it's super cute.
i hate mopping floors, but i too did that this weekend.

RaycoTD said...

OK, so not sure where you got the dress, but it's beautiful. I need to find one for Kaitlin and Dave (in April) so if you care to share I'd love it!! Their dance is semi-formal this year with the theme, Spring Enchantment Ball!

Astarte said...

I'm guessing The Children's Place for the dress? I can imagine how pretty she must look!!!! That's how I felt when Josie put on her flower girl dress a year ago - who IS that big girl?!?!

Ugh, mopping. Nothing I do helps, since the dogs can't leave their paws at the door. It's always a mess in here. Sigh.

Kristin.... said...

I got the dress at Target. Can you believe it?

Janet and Maya said...

I'm dropping in from the blog party! I like your blog, you have a beautiful family. Good luck in the prize drawing!

I guessed Target or Walmart. I got my daughter's 2 yr old Christmas dress (my daughter was 2, not the dress!) at Target and her 3 yr old dress at Walmart. We go to Macy's (used to be Marshall Field's) in Chicago for her birthday which is close to Christmas. The dresses there are $50 and over. She gets SO many compliments from the people there and I just smile and say "thank you" knowing what I spent!

Especially the dresses at Target have so much "style", in my humble opinion anyway.

Hope daddy and daughter had a blast!