Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Things

Given that I've been a bit (ok, a LOT) bitchy lately, I thought I'd post the things that make me smile. Really, I do smile.

Watching my babies sleep

Reading books to Meg (we're reading By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder)

Watching Drew play with his cars

Blowing bubbles for the babies

Reading (reading Dark Horse by Tami Hoag)

Scrapbooking with friends

Watching the Red Sox and/or Deadliest Catch with Doug ( DC until next spring)



Hugs and kisses from my kids

What makes you smile?


AndreAnna said...

I suppose vodka doesn't count?

I love when Charlotte fake laughs when adults around her laugh, so she can be part of the action. Always makes me giggle.

Dana said...

Bloggers who have gotten through a rough spot and are still alive to tell about it. ;)

Astarte said...

I love when Patrick comes over and drapes his skinny little body around me, hugs me and pats my back. I don't know where he got that little habit from, but it's adorable!

Mike said...

I like this's nice to stop and remember the good things instead of dwelling on the bad even though the bad may pile up sometimes!

My favorite? Seeing Maddie and my dog Rigby sleeping side by side...they're the same size!

CDJ said...

All of those things (except the Red Sox... we're Cubs fans around these parts), plus watching my three year old play with his cousins. Warms my heart :-)

Creative Kerfuffle said...

the impromptu hugs from my kids; when the boy asks, every night at bedtime--will you come check on me in a little bit?, the freckle on the girl's ear; and getting out of those ruts that make life suck sometimes : ) hooray for happiness K!