Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Springtime comes slowly to Maine. We still had snow in our front yard three weeks ago. We are just starting to get leaves on the trees. I remember coming home from college where we'd had gorgeous weather, and having to wear turtlenecks and coats. In May.

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to our favorite nursery and I brought along my camera. I was feeling really sad so I hoped the colors would perk me up.

The colors were certainly enough to pull me out of my blues. It also encouraged us to start working on our yard. We have a rather large yard, but not much grass (darn plow guy KILLED our front yard this year). We also have perennial beds along the rock "walls" we have at the back and side of our yard. We've been planting perennials, annuals, pulling weeds, mulching and raking for the better part of three weekends (and by "we" I mean Doug; I direct and plant). Yesterday we went back to the nursery and got seedlings for our vegetable garden. After last year's success with the veggies, we're mixing things up this year and trying onions, corn and broccoli, along with our peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. We're also going to get some compost for another section of our yard and plant our pumpkins and squash there, as they took over the garden last year.

It's been good getting outside and digging in the earth. Winters here are long and hard so we practically burst out of the house at full speed when the weather cooperates. I'm jealous of my friends that live in the South, since their flowers are in full bloom and they have lush, green lawns. But, I also enjoy the slow speed that Spring takes to arrive; I appreciate each flower that blooms and each leaf that makes an appearance over the next couple of weeks. I'll enjoy it while it takes its time arriving.


Brooke Brown said...

Love it! Looking forward to continuing to watch your garden grow....

creative kerfuffle said...

i love this time of year too. i need to get off my arse and post some yard pics i took. we planted a small garden and the yard itself is ongoing. and, while you envy us in the south, i envy you. it would be neat to trade locals for a brief time, though the hubs would HATE the cold and snow you get! lol

Anonymous said...

I love this time of year. Although, I'd love it a bit better if nice weather would stay.

Gardening is NOT a skill of mine. I killed a cactus. True story. So, instead, I enjoy seeing what other people plant and nurture to life.