Monday, April 27, 2009

Favorite Day

When I was working, my favorite day of the week wasn't Friday. Oh sure, I enjoyed Fridays, especially since I got out of work at 4 on those days (I know, for an attorney that sure is sweet), but it was Sunday that held a soft spot in my heart. We always did our activities on Saturdays~all our errands, or visiting with friends and family. Sundays were always reserved for a quick early morning trip to the grocery store, and then we stayed home. Laundry was washed, dried and folded. Sometimes it was even put away. Sunday included football games ad nauseum in the fall, golf and baseball in the spring. If anyone wanted to see us, they had to come to us. We just wanted one day to relax in the quiet of our home.

Sundays these days are quite different from a few years ago. For the last two years Meg has had hockey practice on Sunday mornings. A trip to a big box store usually followed a hockey practice, since it was on the way home. Then we rushed through lunch, naps, laundry and any other things we needed to accomplish. Sundays haven't been that enjoyable of late because of the harried nature of it all.

We had a great Sunday the other day. It was a beautiful day out and the kids were having fun just playing. I grabbed my camera and here's what I saw:

It was unhurried and so pleasant. The twins ran around the yard, Drew loved playing on the swings and I managed to capture Doug and Meg dancing to the Latin tune on my cell phone. Considering that we still had snow in our yard last week, it was nice to be outside in shirt sleeves and shorts. I hope we get more of those unhurried days on our calendar, soon.


creative kerfuffle said...

i love this post k. i like sundays too for the same reason (but not sunday nights because then it's (well, it was) back to work the next day. i cannot believe how BIG the twins have gotten!! omg. they are not babies anymore. sniff sniff.

Brooke Brown said...

love this post! love the pix (esp the last one). sundays rock.

Astarte said...

I love when we can all just hang out. You're right, it all happens so rarely. I can't believe she has practice on Sunday mornings!!! Sheesh!!!!

Jess said...

We are the same way with our Sundays. The day is for relaxing and we pretty much don't go anywhere, or if we do it's just a walk or a hike somewhere with the dog. I think that lazy day is going to be one of the hardest things for Torsten to give up when we have kids.

Robyn said...

What an awesome day. Your kids are getting SO big!!!

I have to schedule a day for it to be unscheduled. Sad.