Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The sporting child

Those of you with younger children will just have to trust me. Those of you with school aged children will just nod your head and smile. If you have a child that participates in sports (or dance, etc.) you will do the following:

1) You WILL get up at 7 on a Saturday in October to sit at the frigid soccer field.

2) You WILL take all of your children out in the torrential downpour on a Monday night to take your oldest to her next to last hockey game of the season while your husband is at a meeting.

3) You WILL buy new equipment/shoes/socks/hats/shirts every year.

4) You WILL say "ok" to your husband coaching the hockey/softball/soccer teams your kids play for.

5) You WILL cheer the loudest even if it isn't a "real" game.

You WILL do all of these things for your kids because they will score a goal/get an assist/smile at you from the rink~field~dance floor/hear you cheer them on/get a double/have fun. You WILL wish you were still in bed/not out in the pouring rain/someone else was the coach/your kid played a different sport or none at all. But those wishes will be few and far between when you have smiling kids at the end of it all.

I was not a sports kids. I never played soccer, hockey, softball, baseball. I read books and played the flute. I LOVE that my kids want to play sports. I love that my daughter complains because she only scored one goal in her hockey game. I love that they cry when the season is over because they love it so much. I love that right now it's all still about having fun and learning the game. I may have different thoughts when they get older, but for now, I'm going to keep loving being a soccer/hockey/softball Mama.


Brooke Brown said...

I love this post...and love hearing about your kids' hockey/sports accomplishments (here, on Facebook, etc..). My kiddos aren't into sports yet (other than wrestling with each other), so I'm vicariously living through the excitement/sacrifices of others.

Do you still play the flute?

Robyn said...

It's nice to hear that you get a kick out of your kids' sporting activities. I KNOW Bear will be involved in something (he needs to with all that energy) and I'm hoping I will enjoy it as well. I was a cheerleader after all...!

lilfootsmommy said...

I can't wait for Li'l Foot to play soccer and whatever other sports she wants. And any other subsequent kids we have. I love sports. I played soccer as a kid and I guess my mom said I didn't like it at one point and stopped but then I picked it up in high school and played thru HS and college. I also wound up playing softball too in college. I'm sure there will be sports in our future, LFD and I are both athletic too.

Kristin said...

At the end of this soccer season I decided to talk my big 2 out of soccer because I'm tired of dragging my littler 2 to every rain-soaked practice and game. With only one game left in the season I had almost convinced them to switch to in-school sports and dance...and then the last game of the season came...and they both scored winning goals....and now we'll be playing soccer again next year. Ah well...rainboots and dvds for the van for another year... you'r right, Kristin...I WILL do it because it DOES make the big 2 HAPPY and that makes me happy, too!