Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our house in the middle of our street

I think part of everyone's American Dream is to own their own home. I know it was my dream. We bought our first house for our first wedding anniversary. Poor Doug was convinced he'd never be able to live up to that gift! We sold that house in 2002 and bought another house in a wonderful neighborhood where we had friends.

In late 2005 we started talking about moving. The house was feeling small with two kids and all their stuff. An opportunity to buy some land sort of fell into our hands and we ran with the idea of building our own home near Doug's work. After several years of him commuting, we were both ready for him to work closer to his home.

So, in 2006 we put our house on the market. At that very moment, the housing market started its collapse. We struggled to even get showings on the house, let alone an offer. I found out I was pregnant. With the twins. Our house was under construction. We moved, leaving our house listed with a broker, and started paying two mortgages. One one income. With two more babies coming into the world. For the last three years we've struggled to find respectable tenants to live in our home. We've hired attorneys, had to pay outstanding bills that our tenants left behind for us. We've had to repaint our home, haul tenants' trash to the dump. Not my idea of the American Dream.

Last month we re-listed that house with new brokers, not expecting much. We were under contract in four days after about 20 showings. I won't go into details of how much of a financial hit we took to sell this house. It was depressing, but it had to be done. Yesterday we closed on the sale. The new owners are young and full of energy. I think they'll love the house. It's a great neighborhood, they both work in the city, and have friends down the street. I'm so glad that the American Dream came true for them. I'm even happier that I'm no longer a dual home owner. Now we can put the energy into this home that we meant to do when we built. It's time for our American Dream to come to light again.


Robyn said...

I'm so glad for you that you're able to close that chapter (finally) and move on. Like you needed ANY more stress!!

Astarte said...

Congratulations!!!!!! I'm so glad that it worked out!!! What a huge relief.

Hotch Potchery said...

Yay for closing. We are one year (maybe two) from being willing to buy. I want a guarantee (tenure) before I am willing to do it. How risk averse am I?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling the house! I'm sure it's lifted some stress from you guys.

I rent. It took me a long time to be okay with that. Sure, I need approval before I can paint and if I want new tile or carpeting, it's my expense, but on the bright side? I don't pay property/school taxes; if my water heater craps out, I don't have to buy a new one and, bonus for me, all my landscaping is done for me!!

I DO want to buy. It hurts me, at times, that I can't. It also makes me angry with a certain male someone in my home. Punk.