Thursday, January 28, 2010


I almost never make my bed, but I love when it's made and I crawl into it at night. Especially if the sheets are fresh.

I wish I had the interior design skills shown in my Better Homes and Garden magazine.

I don't have a matched bedroom set. Heck, I don't even have a headboard for my bed.

Now that I've lived in my house for 3 1/2 years, I wish I had designed my kitchen a little differently.

The upstairs of my house rarely gets vacuumed. But I really love the look of a freshly vacuumed rug.

I can't stand the smell of most candles. They need to smell like food~vanilla, sugar cookies, pumpkin spice. Otherwise, I just sneeze and I've never been diagnosed with allergies.

I'm addicted to the following TV shows: Bones, The Mentalist, White Collar, NCIS and NCIS LA. I will watch NCIS anytime it's on TV (thank you very much USA).

I wish I had money to go to North Carolina to see an old friend from high school. We reconnected through our blogs. Her photos are fabulous. What's Down With the Browns? is where she blogs; go say hi.

I want to take the kids to Disney this year. It's not happening. It makes me sad.

I want to be sitting on a beach sipping a drink with my husband. That's not happening either.

I'm really excited that Daughtry is coming to Maine this summer and will be buying myself tickets for my birthday. So what if I'm going to be 38; he rocks.

Even though I complain about winter in Maine, I was happy it snowed a bit today. Spring is a long way off and I just couldn't look at the nasty brown grass that the rain uncovered on Monday.

Tonight I'm filling out paperwork for the twins to attend Drew's preschool in the fall. Instead of making me sad, it makes me jump with joy. Six whole hours a week to myself to do whatever I want. I haven't had that in five years and my sanity is suffering for it.


AndreAnna said...

FWIW, I think you'd off yourself in Disney with the kids at the ages they are.

What if you just take Meg for a special weekend or something?

creative kerfuffle said...

we also want to go to disney, my kids have never been, and i doubt it will happen this year because of money.
if you come to nc to see that old high school friend you better come see me too.
when i had a job i never made my bed, now i make it every day.
i also vaccuum every day. of course i am home alone until 2pm : ) we are supposed to get snow--possibly 5 inches! whoot--tomorrow. we'll see.

Anonymous said...

I love this post so much, I am totally hijacking it in the very near future :)

Brooke Brown said...

I almost just fell out of my chair! I was reading along thinking, "oh! I LOVE that I now know these things about Kristin! I'm making my own list so she can know these things about me." Then -- I read the line about me (and I almost fell out of my chair, haha). One of these days, my of these days! xo