Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Dance!

Saturday night was the 4th Annual Daddy-Daughter dance for our school district. Meg and I had a very difficult time picking out a dress that wasn't too babyish or too slutty (my kid wears a size 16, which nearly pushes her to the Juniors department, which is so NOT appropriate for a 9 year old, ahem). We finally found the PERFECT dress at Target. It's a Liberty of London dress and just screamed Megan. I had to do a little tailoring (thank goodness for Home Ec class in 7th grade) to make the straps stay put and the bodice a little tighter, but it was exactly what we wanted.

She has grown up so much since the first Daddy-Daughter dance when she was a kindergartener.

She's such a grown up girl. I am already dreading the teenage years! (Oh, and Meg is totally standing on the top of the porch and Doug is one step down in that last picture, but I'm pretty sure that's what she's going to look like in another 5 years).


creative kerfuffle said...

she's getting so tall : ) we have the same clothes issues here. the girl is 13 and depending on the clothes she can still find a few things in size 16 in the girls' section but we've started looking in juniors for things now. and, you are right---slutty. the fabric is thin, the necks too low cut, everything too tight. what the hell?

Robyn said...

She is a mini-you! She looks gorgeous and they both look so proud of each other.

I had the opposite problem growing up. Being 17 and having to shop in Gap kids wasn't the coolest.

Suz said...

it's so fun to see her moving up his arm - hope they had fun :)

Amy @ tulipandturnip.blogspot.com said...

Oh my word, she looks adorable! And I LOVE that dress! Wonder if it comes in my size? ;)

Shelby at DoubleUpBooks.com - The Twins and Multiples Bookstore said...

Hi Kristin!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Yeah, a fellow book lover.

Megan is just beautiful! You did find the perfect dress - that photo must bring tears to your eyes. Your little girl all grown up. I especially liked how you posted photos from prior years.