Thursday, July 15, 2010

Missing Him

Doug has been working on site in Portland for a couple of months now. This project is winding down, but then he's going to another one in another town. He leaves every day at 6:30. Some days I barely open my eyes to say goodbye to him. Some days the kids aren't up yet (but most days they are). Some nights he's home at 10, some at 7. If the crews are working, he has to be there, even if they're just digging, digging, digging.

I know the kids miss him. They literally start acting up the minute he closes his Explorer door and drives down the driveway. They yell "Doodles" and come running to hug him. They climb all over him, fighting for space on his lap. They interrupt each other just to tell him a little thing about their day.

I miss him too. We have so very little time together as just us. We have to carve out adult time from family time, which is already so small that we can't stand it. We're going to see Heart in concert in New Hampshire in two weeks, and that seems years away. We've arranged to have our parents each take a pair of kids so that we can go early, walk around, see the show and stay overnight. It's so very little time together, so we have to let it fill us up and enjoy it.

I may not always be very nice to him, because I'm tired and crabby from caring for our very demanding kids all day, but I really  hope he knows how much I love him.

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creative kerfuffle said...

oh k--that made me tear up. you deserve the HEART night, i'm glad you're getting a whole night together. as much as we love our kids, i don't think anyone ever realizes how consuming they'll be. it really is hard to be a couple when you have kids.