Thursday, July 8, 2010

This week

So far this week I have:

Done a zillion loads of laundry

Yelled way too much

Turned the air conditioners on and off and wished I'd had my father-in-law install the central air when we built this house

Cleaned crayon off every reachable spot in Annie's and Izzie's room

Forced the kids to box up their toys that they refuse to put away

Been unable to grocery shop because my kids fight too damn much

Let my kids watch 30 minutes of tv and then dealt with the aftermath for 25 minutes

Ate Cocoa Puffs for dinner at 10pm Tuesday night when Doug finally got home

Put first aid ointment on scratches on Annie's faces inflicted by Izzie (again)

Haven't taken a single photo

Haven't downloaded the photos I took over the long weekend

Haven't put fresh water in the kids' pool or let them go outside (much too hot)

Wished I was anywhere but here

Really hoping next week is better


creative kerfuffle said...

we haven't been outside much either. too hot. blech. i'm sorry your week sucked. i would bitch about mine, but at least i didn't have to wash crayons off surfaces and eat dinner at 10pm. hang in there sweetie.

Brooke Brown said...

just back from the beach - missing you so hopped on your blog right away. have a sudden urge to eat coco puffs. adding them to my grocery list pronto.

our local Ikea has a kids drop off play area so that parents can shop in peace(for an hour, i think). grocery stores should really think about adding that perk. feel like i'd be willing to pay for it in gold.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow so eerily familiar. Only I just gave the kids Cocoa Puffs for lunch. For real.