Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Bullets are Flying Today

Bullets are in order today. It's just plain easier.

  • I went to my high school reunion and had a BLAST! We walked in the door at 6:30 and back out again after 11. It was fun to see people who had no idea Doug and I were married; the look of shock was almost too much fun to resist. Two of the attendees were guys (men?) that I've known since I was 3 and 6. We got a great photo of the 3 of us together. It was also fun to watch those who, after 20 years, haven't figured out that we're supposed to have grown up. I'm ready for the next reunion, so bring it on!
  • We were on "vacation" last week. Instead of doing many fun things, we spent the majority of the week dealing with our fridge, which just stopped keeping cold. Our awesome neighbors lent us a small fridge, which saved some of our food and we have a commercial freezer in the basement so we were able to save the few frozen items that didn't melt, but we still don't have a fixed fridge. It's sitting in the garage, awaiting a new compressor later this week. We do have a loaner fridge in the kitchen, and a huge scratch on the kitchen floor from the movers taking the old one out. Lucky us!
  • We did manage some fun things on vacation. We took the kids to Santa's Village in New Hampshire with our good friends on Wednesday and had a great day. All four kids rode the log flume! With my bad neck, I was restricted to the merry-go-round, the train and the sky train. But I snapped 207 photos so that was good!
  • Doug and I got a night away Friday night and went to Meadowbrook, which is an outdoor concert venue, to see Heart. We had great seats and saw an amazing show. Ann Wilson still sounds like she did 30 years ago!
  • We're on the school countdown. Meg is heading to 4th grade and Drew to Kindergarten in 27 days; Annie and Izzie head to preschool in early September.  There is so much to do to get them all ready and I'm avoiding it all like the plague! We're still waiting for Drew's teacher assignment and the school supply lists for both of the school-age kids to arrive in the mail. It's making this Type A Mama a bit crazy. I've been busy marking down the schools' ice cream socials on the calendar and arranging childcare for the girls so we can take Drew to his orientation later this month! Hard to believe he's going to be riding the bus with Meg soon.
  • I waffle daily between wanting the kids to go back to school and wanting them to just hang out in the yard playing, smelling of sunscreen and pool water and sunshine. I suppose that the days that they're driving me the most insane are the days I'm ready to ship them all off to boarding school, but when they're getting along and having fun, I want to keep them nearby and watch them over the top of my book or through my camera lens.
 So who wants to share what's new with them?


Saly said...

Ugh, we don't get our teacher assignments until the week befor school starts!! And we got a generic letter about bussing the other day that said something to the effect of "while you may be used to having your child get on the bus in front of your house, in order to save money, we are consolidating bus stops. You may be concerned that your child is out of your sight at drop off and pick up, but remember it is the parent's responsibility to monitor their children at the bus stop, not the district's." So we're all, OMG. Elderly FIL has put Bud on the bus since he could just watch from the window. And now we have 2 going on the bus--STRESS!!

Glad you posted :)

Suz said...

We don't get our teacher assignments until this weekend, but our supply lists are available online forever in advance. We had all items purchased by July 23. 17 folders, 18 notebooks, one protractor, two binders, 2 sets of dividers, 4 highlighters, 2 dry-erase markers, 6 pkgs filler paper, 10 #2 pencils; 5 erasable pens each in blue, black, & red, 2 x crayons; markers, pencil pouch, art box, 10 uniform shirts, 6 uniform pants, 4 uniform shorts = ::drum roll:: just under $200.

Suckage on the fridge - complete suckage. How on earth does a mom cope without a fridge?

Glad you had fun at the reunion - I was bored to tears at dh's last weekend. However, the gathering at a friend's house afterward was worth the time. Too much fun laughing at their h.s. antics & stories. Maybe I shouldn't be so reluctant to attend my grade school reunion tomorrow night?

Astarte said...

OMG, I used to go to Santa's Village! Did you go to Storyland, too? Is that place still there? I remember liking that a lot.

I am avoiding my reunions like Da Plague. I didn't understand why my mother didn't go, but now that I'm an adult, I get it. FB is enough of a reunion for me, kthanksbye. It sounds like you had a great time, though, and that's awesome!

Our kids start school in less than two weeks, but they have camp all this week because I was supposed to be in practicum, which I'm not now bc they changed the schedule. I'm torn between feeling sad that they're busy while I'm finally off and being THRILLED. Maybe I'll compromise and pick them up at the earliest time every day (3:30) rather than later.

Don't feel bad. My blog had mold on it when I just looked in to post. Phew. I've got to be better about that!

Brooke Brown said...

what a great recap of so much fun stuff!! here I was thinking/wondering why you weren't posting at all...somehow your blog was deleted from my rss feed (the shock! the horror!). still smiling from the reunion. :) with preschool starting this week i can finally get those pics on my blog. :)