Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Fun

Astarte tagged me for a fun little game. So, here goes.

8 TV Shows I love to Watch:
CSI (the original is still the best)
Deadliest Catch
(I can't come up with any more!)

8 Restaurants I love:
Flatbread Pizza
(apparently I don't get out much)

8 Things That Happened Today:
I had a migraine
I changed 10 diapers
I got lots of hugs
I fell asleep on the couch
I didn't do any laundry
I posted on my blog
I talked with my friend Angie
I was up at 2 am and posted on Twitter (how sad)

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
Taking the kids to Pumpkinland
School starting
Feeling better so I can get back on my treadmill
Buying some clothes
Going to the Red Sox game next month
My 10th anniversary

8 Things I love about Summer:
Slowing down
Taking the kids to the pond
Doug's vacations
Knowing that fall is on its way
(I don't love summer)

8 Olympic Events I want to see:
Ice Hockey
Beach Volleyball
Curling (no, not really, but that was funny)

8 Things on my Wish List:
A new camera~SLR
A trip to Disney for my family
A weekend away with my husband
More time to myself
Kids that don't constantly fight
To sell the other house
To lose weight
Window treatments in the dining and living rooms

8 People I want to do the same thing:

Oh, anyone who wants to participate. Really. It's that simple

1 comment:

Karly said...

I'm ready for Fall too! It's my favorite season! So crisp and cool and and the air smells all clean and yummy and HALLOWEEN CANDY and PUMPKIN PIE and CHRISTMAS ANTICIPATION. I love Fall.

What kind of camera are you wanting to get?