Monday, August 25, 2008

Missing: One Snake and a Vacation

Our Black Mamba is gone. It's not really a Black Mamba, because of course those are deadly, poisonous snakes and they don't live in Maine (thank goodness). It was a Black Racer, which is an endangered species around these parts. The day we called Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to ask about it, it slithered away somewhere. Or, it's hiding under the front step birthing more little Black Mambas. I'm hoping for the former.

Doug went back to work today. I was very sad. Sad because I had to get up and shower before 7 am. Sad because that means tomorrow he goes to North Carolina for 3 days. Sad because I took full advantage of him being around last week and did very little and now I have to do it all by myself (wow, run on sentence I'm sure). At one point I actually felt a bit guilty about hanging out on the couch while he diapered kids, or broke up tantrums or made me food. Granted, I was sick (and still am dammit) and felt awful most of the week. But a part of me actually powered down last week and let him take over a bit. I don't think he resented it, but if he did, he didn't say anything to me about it. We are a team though, even though it feels like I do so much on my own. When he's here, he's HERE. He makes dinner, he changes diapers, he reads books and plays with the kids. He does laundry, cleans, rubs my head when it hurts. So I'm sad that after a nice week together he has to go earn that paycheck that keeps us fed, and has to go away to boot. I'll be so glad when he's back Thursday night.

I am getting a bit of relief this week though. My mother-in-law called yesterday to see if she could take Meg and Drew overnight tomorrow night since school starts next week and we get too busy for that kind of stuff. I nearly jumped thru the phone to hug her and say yes. So I will have a little over 24 hours of just the twins to deal with, and when the kids get home Wednesday we have the Ice Cream Social at Meg's school. We'll get to see her classroom, meet her teacher, and see her friends. Granted, I have to take 4 kids to that, but I have friends there that know I'm flying solo and they'll help me out. I love my friends.

I'll do a post soon about my roller coaster experience. Just a note: I used to love roller coasters. Notice that special phrase~used to. Here are some vacation pics:


creative kerfuffle said...

why is it we feel guilty when the husbands do things? when i was sick and the hubs did stuff i felt like a heel, like i got sick on purpose? is that just programmed in women? the guilt button?

Dana said...

Sounds like a dream when Doug's home!!