Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures, pictures everywhere

Creative Kerfuffle tagged me for a fun game, and I decided that instead of blogging about what's really on my mind, I'll play along.


Go to your picture folder, find the fourth folder and the fourth picture within that folder. Display and describe.

My pictures are all organized by month. All 4 years worth. So, April 2005 came up with this little ditty:
This is Drew at a little over 3 months of age. He had the craziest hair, until Izzie came along. He was always content to hang out on the Pooh blanket, watch me and Meg, and be happy. He was a pretty laid back baby. He was one of those babies that would sleep in his bouncy seat and I could vacuum around him and he'd snooze through it. He really hasn't changed much since that picture. Thank goodness looking at baby pictures doesn't make me want more kids. I'm at the point now where those twinges are a thing of the past. Phew!

Ok, I'm supposed to tag people but you all know I don't do that. So, play along if you'd like!


AndreAnna said...

I thought I'd have a lot more of those twinges once we decided we were done. but NOPE. NOT ONE. Especially since Mr. Man is getting teeth AND sick at the same time. Birth Control in a little snot.

Astarte said...

Oh, look at little Drew!