Friday, February 13, 2009

Squee. Double Squee!

We're going on vacation! As a family! My in-laws have a timeshare and we're using a week in late June to go to Pennsylvania. And we're taking the kids to Sesame Place. It's a little young for Meg, but she'll have fun on the water rides and Annie, Izzie and even Drew will be CAH-RAZEE for the Sesame friends. And I was doubly excited to find out that my friend Robyn lives nearby! I am hopeful we'll be able to get together and our kids can visit for a bit and our husbands can meet.

To add to my happiness, Doug and I arranged for our parents to take our kids tomorrow for a bit and overnight so that we can just relax. Well, that was our original plan but we have to do a final cleaning at our other house as it hits the MLS on Monday. Once that is done though we'll have a quiet house for a few hours and we really need that.

I'm going to revel in my happiness today and eat my Hershey kisses filled with caramel and ponder what my husband says he got me for Valentine's Day because I don't have a clue.


Robyn said...

We'll definitely get together, don't worry! I went there at Meg's age and had a ball, there's a bunch of animation stuff and things for older kids.

Enjoy your quiet house -- that sounds SO nice!

AndreAnna said...

Um. hello?!?! What am I ? Chopped effing liver? I'm like 30 mins east of Robyn and the kids would love Sesame Place. Send me the deets and Mike and I will meet you there one day.

You know, if you're still my friend.

creative kerfuffle said...

i am SOOOO glad not only that you're going on what sounds like a cool family vacay, but more importantly that you and doug get a night of your own! yeah for you!!!!