Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WTF? Wednesday

Today I'm playing along. Here goes:

WTF Tenant

You moved out on January 31st. Your Ford Expedition is STILL sitting in my driveway. Stop telling my husband that "you're calling to get it towed today" or that "your son will pick it up". Get off your a** and get rid of your truck. Otherwise, I get to send you a very nasty letter and if you don't pick it up, I get to SELL YOUR TRUCK. I want to sell my damn house, so get rid of the truck. ASAP.

Hugs and Kisses, Your Landlord


If you tell me one more time that I don't do anything for you and that I don't love you, I will seriously lose my mind. Drop the attitude. My entire life revolves around you. I really wish you would FIGURE THAT OUT and stop being such a brat.

Hugs and Kisses, Your Mama

WFT Kids

Why must you take out every toy and strew them all over the living room? Every toy? Really? I wouldn't mind so much if I could EVER put something away without you taking them right back out again. I'm tired of tripping over the toys.

Hugs and Kisses,Your Mama

So, if you want to play along, copy the badge from above.


Jill said...

That last one confounds me too. They don't even play with them, do they? Just get toys out for the fun of making a mess, I guess!

Robyn said...

I'd be happy to draft a nasty letter to your ex-tenant for you! I'm feeling particulary biatchy lately.

What a great post! I will definitely play along!!!

LoriD said...

Your Meg and my Lisa should be locked in a room together to bring misery to each other!

Saly said...

This is so fun! The toy thing never ends in our house either. GRR!!

Nina said...

Oh I so get the toy one... I can't stand when I pick them up 24/7 and turn around and they have been scattered all over the house.

FYI... I got my valentine goodies today. I will post a blog about it after I get pictures taken. Hopefully I will have it up Saturday in time for Valentines day. Thanks for everything it is a great package.

Astarte said...


Hey, donate the car to charity! Lots of places will tow it away for free, although maybe they won't do it without a title. Does it start at all? Maybe you could drive it to the local Walmart and leave it there. Or, tell them that you're going to have it towed to some impound lot if they don't get it by x date? What a pain in the ass.

lilfootsmommy said...

The tenant leaving their truck there is JUST WRONG! Put a for sale sign on it! Then call the guy and tell him you put a for sale sign on it! See how fast he comes to get it then!!! Grrr, people are so inconsiderate!!!