Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The other night we took the kids out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Other than the normal issues of trying to get four kids cleaned up and out the door, it was a relatively easy adventure. We are no longer encumbered by car seats or strollers or even high chairs. The girls can get in and out of their booster seats in the car (after being unstrapped of course), and walk in holding our hands. We don't have to bring a diaper bag, or sippy cups, or even bibs. Granted we make several trips to the bathroom for "potty breaks" but that's not much of a hardship. We don't need to feed the girls; we just hand them their quesadillas, fries and their drinks and they handle it pretty much themselves. It's a whole different world from when they were tiny and I was convinced that it would never get easier.

While we were eating I happened to catch a glimpse of a man walking into the restaurant carrying two infant car seats. Twins. The mother came along with another child who was younger than the girls. I felt a pang of relief when I saw them. Relief because I had been that mother, but wasn't anymore. Relief because while things are different now that the girls are older, they are, in a way, easier. Things will continue to get easier as the girls get older. I have my moments when I feel like things are so difficult, and then I see parents with very young twins and I know that I have it so much easier than they do. I wanted to run over to that couple and tell them that it's not always going to be so difficult, but of course I restrained myself. I'm sure people told me that life with multiples would eventually get easier, but it was hard to believe them during the dual nursing sessions, the constant diaper changes, the seemingly endless nights. So while my days now are full of "me do it Mama," I know that it's so much easier than it used to be and that this too shall pass.


creative kerfuffle said...

i can almost hear the relief in your voice with things getting easier. : ) i'm glad.

LoriD said...

It really does get easier in many respects. I was recently at a family gathering and I felt so sorry for my sister. Her 16-month-old wouldn't let her talk to anyone, always crying or clawing at something breakable or running away. In the meantime, I had three kids there and was casually working the room, chatting and laughing and sipping my wine. My sister was exhausted and frustrated by the end of it and I assured her that it does get better.

Anonymous said...

You so should've said something! It may have been a bit of encouragement.

I'm happy things are getting easier. Morgan's 4. Jonah will be here at the end of June and I'm already freaking out (A LOT!) about life with two kids. Never mind four. Never mind twins. :)

Amy said...

Hi Kristin!!
I really need to check in on you more often. The first thing I noticed on your blog was the info about you that said "lover of books." Very encouraging, since your profile before said "Who has time to read!?!" That must mean things are getting easier.

This post is encouraging. We are still NOT able to go to restaurants because we are THOSE parents. You know, the ones whose kids are all screaming and throwing food. Ugh. We actually took all three out to Target on Sunday and we literally had to abandon our cart and walk out of the store because Charlotte was being so ridiculous.

I remember people with multiples saying, "It will get easier," and I feel like in some ways it has, but I'm still waiting for it to get EASY. Perhaps when they are school-age. Perhaps never. ;)