Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend happiness

Our weekend was busy but so nice. We spent Friday night and most of Saturday doing this:

That is the referee checking Meg's jersey number because she scored a GOAL!!! Three for the entire weekend!

My kid is so darn TALL!

The boy and his dad

He's finally got some speed

And then we got to do this because it was 50 degrees. In Maine. In Winter.

This photo of Annie cracks me up. She started jumping just as I took the photo!

It was a great weekend.


AndreAnna said...

Looks like you had a nice weekend. Hope it sets a precedent for a good week.

Brooke Brown said...

Looks like a FUN weekend, Kristin!!! Love the hockey shots -- and that jumping shot is really, really funny. :)

creative kerfuffle said...

looks like a great weekend! yeah! so proud and happy for meg! and omg--the twins are looking so grown up! i mean, not babies!