Friday, March 12, 2010

I Remember When

I remember when Friday nights were "date night". Doug and I would come home from our respective jobs, change into our "weekend clothes" and go out to dinner. Date night now involves trying to find someone to watch our four kids and then lamenting how much dinner and a babysitter cost these days;

I remember when I had "weekend clothes";

I remember when I slept past 6 am;

I remember when I didn't have a cell phone or Twitter or this blog or Facebook or even the internet;

I remember when I could talk on the phone for hours with friends without interruptions;

I remember when my kids were born and how amazed I was that "I" created such gorgeous babies;

I remember when my grocery bill was under $100;

I remember life before diapers;

I remember telling Doug I wanted four kids;

I remember having a cleaning schedule for my apartments and how neat and orderly I used to be;

I remember being able to spell words to Doug that I didn't want the kids to know;

I remember being able to listen to my alternative rock music in the car because no one listened to the music;

I remember owning more than one pair of shoes;

I remember our first apartment, our first house, our second house, our final house;

I remember weekends without softball or hockey, nights without piano music from my 9 year old filling the house and days without kids drawing on my walls with pencil.

I remember it all. And while there are so many things I miss, I wouldn't trade anything for the life I have with my husband and kids.


AndreAnna said...

I remember being able to take a crap alone.

Ah, memories.

Robyn said...

AA's cracked me up, of course!

Doesn't it all seem like another lifetime ago? Before children vs. after. I wouldn't trade the after for any of the before.

Dawn said...

What a wonderfully true statement!
I,too, would not trade all the befores for my boys!

creative kerfuffle said...

ah yes, being able to spell words you didn't want the kids to know, having a weekend that meant 2 days to do whatever YOU and only YOU wanted. it is interesting to think about the before kids times, but i'm so glad i have them. i'll admit, there are days or hours that i think...ah, to be just a couple would be great, but really and truly i can't imagine it.

Anonymous said...

I remember being able to shower without the curtain or door being whipped open and being assaulted with a) cold air and b) a "Mama...what is THAT?" and a finger being pointed someplace.

I remember grocery shopping every other week and spending MAYBE $100 for two of us INCLUDING fresh fruit.

I remember new seasons meant new clothes for me. Now it's new clothes for the kid.

There's a lot I miss. I wouldn't trade it, either. At least not today ;)