Monday, February 25, 2008

The fog is lifting?

It appears that my children are finally well. I say appears, because there are still two children who haven't gotten the evil flu virus that befelled the twins and killed winter vacation for us all. I am knocking on my fake wood desk in hopes that we are done with the evil flu. Not only did my children run high fevers and lay around crying all day, but they turned spotted. Yep, like the measles or something else fun like that (if you can call measles fun, that is). A head-to-bum rash on Annie, and a head-to-toe rash on Izzie. Not pretty at all. It just added another dimension to the pathetic nature of this flu. The girls just looked awful.

BUT, today, the fog is lifting. School is back in session! For Meg anyway. For one more day, because tomorrow there is another storm coming and we're due to get 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow into Wednesday. But, I digress.... today was almost.....normal? We went to the bus at 8 and it was the first time in 10 days the girls had been outside of the house. This morning they went down to nap at a normal time and are just waking up as I type. I actually got to spend a bit of time playing Sesame Street with Drew on the computer, and perusing the blogs I read and reading the news (hence knowing about the dreaded storm). I almost feel like me again. I walked to no place in particular on my treadmill at 6 am listening to loud music on my IPod (Do you have one of those? It's my new favorite toy I never get to use).

So, the fog is lifting and the sun is shining and I am hoping that this week brings nicer things than the evil flu, and more snow. What do you hope for?

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