Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh the weather outside....

Has been frightful! Maine weather is tricky, at best. We have 5 distinct seasons~winter, spring, summer, fall and MUD SEASON. That comes during spring. More on that later.

It is still winter and Mother Nature showed her nasty side on Wednesday. We had snow, then pouring rain for hours straight. Buckets, cats, dogs, whatever. Lots of rain. Then the power went out. Luckily for us, power was out for only a mere 2 1/2 hours. Our neighbors, who live a hop, skip and a jump up the road, just got their power back on today. We were without cable (which for me means NO INTERNET OR EMAIL!!!!) until today at 1. The little letter icon in the bottom right-hand corner of my computer screen was the most joyful thing I've seen in ages! Sixty-eight emails later, I am back among the 21st century. Phew. I was starting to have withdrawals.

The other nasty side of winter in Maine is ice. If you happen to Google "Maine Ice Storm 1998" I am sure you'd find a lot of articles about our famed ice storm. We got a mini-ice storm this week. The trees were so gorgeous, all decked out in the ice. However, they also broke apart, hung so low that they touched the road, and were a general nuisance. The weird thing is that the ice issues seem to be from Gray north. I was on the turnpike today traveling south and the trees were fine. But around here, everything is still all icy.

Even though the weather has been crazy, my two girlfriends are coming here tomorrow to scrapbook with me in my basement workshop. We were supposed to get together at Ang's house, but her family is sick, so I offered up my space. Doesn't matter to me where we crop, as long as we have fun. Oh, and getting something done in one of my myriad of projects would be good, too. Too bad I have no idea what I'm working on.

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