Thursday, February 21, 2008

An update

I felt the need to post an update about our flu family. Luckily, it appears that Meg and Drew have managed to avoid the flu at this point (or, as children are apt to do, are waiting until 6pm on Sunday night at the end of vacation, hence needing to stay home all next week). Annie and Izzie on the other hand, are still quite unwell. You know what an al dente noodle looks like, right? That is Izzie. She's all limp and whimpery and just wants to be held. By whom do you ask? Of course the Mama! And all the time too. Literally, if she is awake, I am holding her. And that has put Annie right out. She looks at me and sobs, with big, fat crocodile tears streaming down here face (note to self: I must Google why they are called "crocodile tears"), because she too, wants to be held. However, they do not, I repeat, DO NOT, want me to hold them simultaneously. If I do, they smack each other in the face, poke each other's eyes and cry harder. What is a Mama to do? Nothing. I can't do anything. Took me all day to put the dishes away. I just hold babies, try to get babies to eat something, and lug babies up to bed (I should be so strong, carrying 40 pounds of baby several times a day). Oh, and every once in a while, I break up fights among the older two, who are quite sick of vacation and each other. It really is all quite pathetic.

But, there must be a bright light or something to look forward to, and I have found it~school starts again in 4 days!


Marie Green said...

Ooooo, another twin mom! Yay! Are your girls identical? (Mine are). When were they born? My youngest was born Sept 06...

I rememeber both twins being sick at the same time, and the fighting over me, and the squabbling when I held them both... AND the carrying them both around! Those days are long gone, and I CAN say that raising twins gets SO MUCH easier after about age 2... so hang in there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

myfourkids said...

The girls aren't identical. They were born Jan. 07. The 6 year difference with their oldest sibling makes for interesting days.
I'm glad to have found your blog and will be adding you to my list of favorites!

Auntie Nettie said...

Can you catch the flu from the internet? Must be going around again.

Hang in there!