Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well, my friend Auntie Nettie (yes, of the famed holiday stockings) "tagged" me in her blog the other night. That means she has given me the fun task of stating 10 random things about myself. Here goes:

1) I love to vacuum. Yes, weird, I know. But, there is something almost Zen-like in moving the vacuum back and forth, making nice neat lines on my rug, and hearing that clicking noise of all the dirt zooming up the vacuum and out of my house.

2) My handwriting has gone to pot since computers invaded our lives. I cannot write cursive anymore~it's almost illegible. I print like a child most of the time now. How pathetic.

3) I love to read. Ok, anyone who knows that I graduated from college with a degree in English (with a concentration in American Literature) knows that, but I love to read just about anything. Well, except JRR Tolkein. I tried The Hobbit and nearly died of boredom. I love mysteries. I cannot wait until Meg is old enough to read my Nancy Drew books.

4) I have a Facebook page. I know, I know, that is a site for high school kids. Well, not so true anymore. And it allows me to keep up with 3 nieces and a nephew who are just so busy that they make my head spin. I wish I had a smidge of their energy. I'd be a new person.

5) My favorite lunch is a tuna sandwich (made with mayo and green relish) on wheat bread, with sweet pickles and coffee milk. This is my mom and brother's favorite lunch too. I rarely eat it anymore because my husband hates seafood (even if it does come from a can) and I don't have the coffee syrup anymore. I must put that on the grocery list.

6) I swore when I left for college that I'd never return to Maine, and I am so glad that I did. I grew up with no family in Maine. My grandparents and aunts and uncles all lived in Rhode Island and I didn't see any of them very often. I am grateful that my children have their grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins nearby. It is amazing to see them all interact.

7) I hate winter. Ok, so too bad for me (Junie B. Jones) since all it has done is SNOW here this winter, but I don't enjoy being cold. I also don't like the heat, so that doesn't leave me with much to work with.

8) I loved college. High school was where the mean girls roamed and I hated it. But college was wonderful. I met Auntie Nettie there (check out her blog~she is quite good!) and we're still friends.

9) I don't play the flute anymore and I miss it. I played up until 4 years ago. If you read Auntie Nettie's blog and see the famed Trio Non Sacra mentioned, I was a founding member. Ahh, the good old days.

10) I love to take photos and scrapbook. I am actually a Creative Memories consultant, so I guess you could say I do it for a "living". It is a fun hobby that I wish I had more time for, but with 4 kids, that doesn't happen much.

There you go. 10 Random things about me. Enjoy!

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Sam said...

Hi Kristin, I just wanted to say Thanks for finding my blog. I've now added you to one of my favorites just so you know I'll be checkin in on your blog.
I love this entry BTW, I find myself relating to you in some ways. I sooo totally love to vacuum as well. I think it's the satisfaction thing. My vacuum recently broke and I'm going absolutely crazy without it. Oh my gosh you don't even know.
And I just wanna say your kids are adorable!!!