Friday, June 6, 2008


Ahhh. The MINE stage. Annie and Izzie have hit the MINE stage. You know that stage. The "what's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine" stage. Their days are filled with stealing of shoes, toys, books, blankets from one another. I actually sit back most of the time and just watch, as I find it all mildly amusing. Take yesterday for instance. The girls were wearing my slip on sandals. They each had one and were wearing it proudly around the living room. But then Annie tried to take Izzie's shoe. Now Izzie is the younger, smaller twin and used to just walk away from a situation like that. Instead, she sat down on the floor, yanked Annie's pant leg and pulled her down too! Bad mama that I am, I laughed and let them continue on their way. Now, when they get too rough, I stop them and usually remove the offending toy from the room. Since they don't say MINE yet I figure I can get away with that for a little while longer. But soon I'm going to have to work really hard on getting them to share properly. And since my older two aren't pros at that yet, it should be quite a challenge.

Izzie has spent this morning running around with her fleece jacket yelling "cah cah cah" to which I replied "no we aren't going in the car". Her immediate reaction was to scream loudly and thrash about, throwing herself on the ground. Again, I actually found it amusing. I think because Doug took Meg to school today she missed her car fix. Who knew that she enjoyed going in the car. Or maybe she's as sick of staying in the house all the time as I am. (Not a cranky comment, just reality).


Sammie-J said...

Cah! I'm glad my 2 year old isn't the only one with the Maine accent when it comes to saying cah. That's funny.

Tulip and Turnip said...

We're dealing with it, too. Gavin is bigger than Charlotte, so he just muscles everything out of her hands. And then she bites him. :)

It's tough all over on the East Coast! First, it's too cold to take them outside, and now it's 100 degrees! I feel like we've been trapped indooors forever!