Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Stuffs

School's out for summer. I wish I were saying that with some umph and enjoyment, but I'm not. You see, I'm the mom of a 7 year old who LOVES school and HATES vacations. Seriously. While I'm thrilled that she loves school (and her report card showed it!), the hating vacations part really puts a damper on my mood. She is totally irritated with being home every day, and we're only 2 days into summer vacation. She has already reminded me that school starts again in 55 days. For the love of Pete. Since I've been so grumpy, I've been thinking about what I would do if I had a day all to myself. I've come up with a couple of different scenarios.

Scenario #1. In this scenario, I am feeling really inspired to scrapbook, all day, and get caught up on at least one of the zillion projects I am working on. This scenario actually requires that I have pictures printed and organized, so we'll pretend that I am ready to rock and roll. It also requires that my friends Emily and Angie come along for the ride, because it's more fun to scrapbook with friends. Oh, and the last requirement is that there are no a)children of any variety around, b)no housework that is calling my name and c)a perfect weather day (i.e. no sun to make me wish I were outside, but not hot or cold either). I would be able to work, work, work and have something great to show for it. I am still working on Meg's baby album, I've barely begun Drew's album and the twins, well, maybe someday I'll start their albums. I am ridiculously behind and would love even a WEEK of time to just scrapbook with my friends. Alas, that is but a dream.

Scenario #2. In this scenario, I get to read books all day, accompanied by my cat at my feet, and never ending cups of coffee. I would gather up a list of books that I'd want to read (preferably mysteries) and just curl up on my couch. Of course, that would require that my back didn't ache for one darn day, so I'll assume that is the case. The same requirements from #1 would apply here as well.

Scenario #3. In this scenario, I have the energy to clean my kids' rooms. No interruptions, just me, a garbage bag and some good music blaring on the CD changer (we have a 200 CD changer, so a good variety of music would get played). This is a last resort scenario, because really, who wants to clean all day long?

Oh, for fun, Izzie has started stringing words together, like this: "Hey Daddy, that's the kitty" or "Bye bye Mommy". OMG it's so cute. Today I was signing "I love you" to her and saying the words, and she said "wuv you" back. Made my heart melt. Annie still lags behind Izzie verbally, although physically she can climb the furniture while Izzie just hangs back and watches. Thank goodness for small favors.

I haven't posted kids pics in a while. Here are some recent ones.

(Megan, playing cat)

(Izzie, playing pirate. Argh)

(Annie, playing with Little People)

(Seriously, this was taken recently. He was pretending to be a cat, with reindeer antlers)


RaycoTD said...

Holy Mackrel! Izzie is a spitting image of Meg!!!!!

They are SO cute!!

AndreAnna said...

They're adorable! Cat-antlers and all!

Saly said...

I love the photos!!

My perfect day---Hub and the kids out of the house, lazing on the couch with books and the remote all day long!

Thia said...

Books all day sound good to me!!
I know that is how I need to go through dd's hair, but at 3.5 getting her to sit still and let me do it is not easy. And I don't want to scare her with stories about the bugs...she's already a girly when it comes to some outdoor things.

Dana said...

Your kids are so cute!

I'm so into your scenario #2! One day!!

Heather said...

I LOVE pictures of the cute kiddos!

Samantha said...

Kristin, I think you should keep this post for the day when all the kids are grown and out of the house, you finally have the house to yourself to do whatever you want and you go crazy from the kids not being there. How much you wanna bet this will happen? My MIL goes through it all the time.
But nonetheless it is fun to dream, when we can't have the things we want at the time when we want them.

Also, don't know if this helps, but what about Megan going away to camp for sometime in the summer. That may help pass her time before school starts up again. Good luck and BTW great pics of the kids, they're so cute and they look like a lot of fun. ;)

Amy said...

I vote for the reading all day scenario. And throw some good celebrity-trash mags in there for good measure.
I love the new pics. They are too too cute!