Monday, June 23, 2008

The tale of the preschooler and the two toddlers

Once upon a time there lived a worn, haggard, totally underpaid beautiful, charming queen. This queen was the mother of three princesses and once prince. The prince, a preschooler, was the middle child and the two younger princesses were toddlers. This is their story.

The prince spends his days tormenting the fair princesses. He steals their toys, knocks them to the ground, and makes them cry. The princesses, for their part, are learning to smack the prince around a bit when he gets too close, but for the most part, he manhandles them pretty easily. The poor queen is at her wits' end. What to do? The prince mocks royal time-outs. The princesses only take one nap a day and it was just not fair to them to have to deal with such treachery so often during the day. Banishing the prince to his room does bide the queen and the fair princesses a bit of quiet time during the day, but it is not enough. The prince wants attention, and the more of it he gets, the more he craves. There seems to be no way to stop the madness.

The queen, for her part, is about to lose what is left of her her mind. The eldest princess shall be rejoining the family fold tomorrow after school lets out for summer break. The eldest princess tends to torment the prince. It is a vicious cycle within the castle, and the queen cannot take anymore it anymore. Is there a solution? Can anyone help the queen before she goes completely and totally bonkers?


Heather said...

Unfortunately, I have no advice. I am too busy laughing! Too funny!

CassJustCurious said...

Oh this fair queen needs a jester or a dungeon or a dragon perhaps.

Thia said...

A royal roll of duct tape?????
Right now my little prince and princess are busy with the same activities of yours...I am seriously considering a cartoon. Just half an hour of peace would help me find the roll of duct tape. I know there's some around here somewhere....
(j/k people)

RaycoTD said...

OH my! SOUNDS way too familiar! You need to pack up those little princesses, and prince, and go somewhere the jester's that I have running around my house. Like the beach?? We could drag Mrs. T, and her clan too! Now that would be fun, 3 momma's and 9 kiddo's!!

Call me!