Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My day in numbers

5:34 am ~ the time Drew came stumbling into my room looking for "huggies"

5:45 am~ the time we sent Drew back to his room because it was "too early for huggies"

5:45 am ~the time Drew started bawling his baby blue eyes out because he was "tired"

6:00 am~ the time Meg and Drew were both up, and looking to play

6:01 am ~ the time I was wishing I didn't have children

12~ the number of diapers I changed today

6 ~ the number of sippy cups the girls went thru today

45,874~ the number of times I told Drew to stop that/don't do that/please leave them alone

4 ~ the number of grilled cheese sandwiches I made for dinner

3 ~ the number of grilled cheese sandwiches actually EATEN for dinner

3 ~ the number of times we listened to "For the Kids" on CD

3~ the number of cups of coffee I had over the course of the day

0 ~ the number of pieces of chocolate I've eaten today

0~ the number of children asleep in this house at this moment

172,094 ~ the number of times I've been called Mommy today

1~ the number of new words Izzie learned today ("boo boo")


Heather said...

16 ~ the number of times I laughed while reading this!

AndreAnna said...

At least it was "boo boo" and not "clamp your cake eater!" LOL

Sammie-J said...

My first thought was "Was Drew coming in because he wanted a diaper or a hug" LOL
My second thought was "Now why hasn't this woman had any chocolate today, sounds like she deserves it."
Great post. Chin up, they're only kids for a short while. It won't always be like this.

Tigriswillreign said...

5 bazillion ~ the number of moms, past, present and future, who feel your pain
You're doing a fantastic job!

RaycoTD said...

LOL, too funny! I hear you tho, Kaitlin was up at 5 am today. Of course if you read my post you will see that I was up at 4:30, and she heard me so she got up too, so much for a peaceful morning with my coffee!

Saly said...

Yes, the numbers ARE important!!

the sun coming up so early is really screwing with the kid's sleep. I need darkening blinds.