Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My day in numbers

5:34 am ~ the time Drew came stumbling into my room looking for "huggies"

5:45 am~ the time we sent Drew back to his room because it was "too early for huggies"

5:45 am ~the time Drew started bawling his baby blue eyes out because he was "tired"

6:00 am~ the time Meg and Drew were both up, and looking to play

6:01 am ~ the time I was wishing I didn't have children

12~ the number of diapers I changed today

6 ~ the number of sippy cups the girls went thru today

45,874~ the number of times I told Drew to stop that/don't do that/please leave them alone

4 ~ the number of grilled cheese sandwiches I made for dinner

3 ~ the number of grilled cheese sandwiches actually EATEN for dinner

3 ~ the number of times we listened to "For the Kids" on CD

3~ the number of cups of coffee I had over the course of the day

0 ~ the number of pieces of chocolate I've eaten today

0~ the number of children asleep in this house at this moment

172,094 ~ the number of times I've been called Mommy today

1~ the number of new words Izzie learned today ("boo boo")


Heather said...

16 ~ the number of times I laughed while reading this!

AndreAnna said...

At least it was "boo boo" and not "clamp your cake eater!" LOL

Sam said...

My first thought was "Was Drew coming in because he wanted a diaper or a hug" LOL
My second thought was "Now why hasn't this woman had any chocolate today, sounds like she deserves it."
Great post. Chin up, they're only kids for a short while. It won't always be like this.

Dana said...

5 bazillion ~ the number of moms, past, present and future, who feel your pain
You're doing a fantastic job!

RaycoTD said...

LOL, too funny! I hear you tho, Kaitlin was up at 5 am today. Of course if you read my post you will see that I was up at 4:30, and she heard me so she got up too, so much for a peaceful morning with my coffee!

Saly said...

Yes, the numbers ARE important!!

the sun coming up so early is really screwing with the kid's sleep. I need darkening blinds.