Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Failings and Recoveries

I had an attitude adjustment FAIL this morning. I should have known when I woke up tired that practicing what I was preaching might be a tad difficult. I had lots of "moments" with the three today that just about put me in the nuthouse. Doug sent me an email reminding me to think happy thoughts, to which I replied "duck happy thoughts" (or something that rhymes with duck). I did manage to get all three kids down for a nap, after putting Annie's and Izzie's pants back on them 5 times each (I think I'm raising strippers!) and got to take some breaths.

This afternoon was much better. I took time to notice the adorable things the twins were doing and they were nice enough not to run on the furniture. Izzie is saying lots of fun things these days, like "mato, ummy" (tomato, yummy), or other foods, followed by "ummy". She was looking at books today and hugging the pages of her favorite things~cats, dogs, horses, bears. Annie was just staring at a book that had dolls in strollers and was just mesmerized by the picture.

And tonight, ALL FOUR kids ate the beef stroganoff dinner I made in the crockpot today. Izzie had 3 helpings, even if they were small ones. That is some sort of miracle that two 20 month olds ate beef stroganoff, right? Do I get a medal or something?

I can fail. It's ok. The best thing is that my attitude rebounded. There is hope for me yet.


Jill said...

That's a great attitude to take. And I want to know your secret for getting your kids to eat. I made a cop out dinner of hot dogs and left over mac n cheese tonight and Rocco barely touched it! I definitely need an attitude adjustment tonight!

AndreAnna said...

*I* won't even eat beef stroganoff and I love food, so yes you get a medal! LOL

I'm happy you were able to put things in perspective. Don't you just love how our spouses can say one thing and yet we hear another.

Mike said to me yesterday after I mentioned how tired I was, "you need to manage your time better." What he meant was that I shouldn't try and do everything all at once and let some stuff sit throughout the week, etc. What I heard was "I'm a dick. I'm a dick, dick, dick. Please kick me in the balls."

Us mommies need brain transplants sometimes.

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah for a good afternoon AND for getting kids to eat. and too damn funny andreanna about what mommies hear LOL

Astarte said...

I don't think you failed at all - you caught yourself midstream and adjusted!!! That's SO HARD to do, seriously! I think it's great that you were able to do that.

heather... said...

Wow, yeah, I agree. You realized you needed an adjustment and you DID IT. I think I've realized it maybe once in my whole life, and I made the decision to keep right on being a pain in the ass!!!

And yeah, you TOTALLY get a medal for the beef stroganoff!!