Friday, September 19, 2008

Waiting for a pin to drop

I am waiting, rather impatiently, for the twins to fall asleep. They have been in their cribs for over an hour. I have been up to their room a half dozen times to put their )*$(#$* pants back on, give them their blankets and stuffies that they launch over the side of their crib EVERY.SINGLE.NAPTIME. Drew is sound asleep and has been for over an hour. You can see where this is going. They will finally fall asleep and he will get up and I will have done nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. I cannot concentrate when I can hear the girls being wild over the monitor. Doug says I should turn it off. However, in the last two days, Izzie has tried unsuccessfully to climb over her crib into Annie's and Annie has gotten her arm stuck behind her crib. So, ignoring them is not the answer.

There is something so calming about naptime (when the kids are sleeping that is). It is the only time of the day where I breathe. I can almost feel the tension wash away when there is silence over the baby monitor. Sometimes I do some cleaning or laundry, and other times I do nothing. I wander the house enjoying the blissful silence. I read blogs without hearing someone screaming over a stolen toy. I tidy up a bit. I finish my lunch, which never happens at the actual meal.

Today though, my blood pressure is rising, as the girls are going on an hour and a half without settling down. I just checked on them, but left them pantless. That will come back to bite me I'm sure, but I'm frustrated and fed up. I think I'll buy them more overalls that they can't get out of. That will teach them.


Jill said...

Do they make Ambien for toddlers? They should!!

Here's hoping you at least get a few minutes to yourself today!

AndreAnna said...

Do they take their diapers off if they have on no pants?

Charlotte preferred no pants and had an ever-loving stroke when I tried to put those feetie pajamas on her after like 13 months old, but she never took her diaper off but once (and thankfully it was only pee and right at the end of her nap).

Maybe get those one piece things (without feet) and put them on backwards so they can't get out of them?

Hope you get some quiet. Mike can never understand why I don't listen to music when I'm working or on my computer and it's because I love the sound of silence more than any other song out there.

Robyn said...

Naptime is the BESTEST time! When it works, that is. I'm not very successful at getting Bear to nap when he's home on the weekends. He naps for 2 hours at school every day!

I'd chuck the monitor. If they really need you -- you'll hear them.

Astarte said...

I would totally get rid of the monitor. They'll let you know if something's Really Wrong.

Nothing used to piss me off like the kids not napping when they were supposed to be. Naptime is the BEST time, and having that dangled in front of me, and then not only taken away but screamed away, used to send me over the roof.

Karly said...

I have one word for you: Benadryl.

Ok, not really. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ditch the monitor. For real. I had to get rid of Morgan's. Not only was every noise she made at night waking me up, any noise during naptime would cause me to stop and listen and not enjoy my break. If they need you, you'll know it.

What about a crib tent? It allows them plenty of room to stand, but they can't launch things out of their beds or get themselves out. A friend just had to get one for her 19 month old--she's not ready for him to be in a toddler bed, but he was attempting to escape from his crib. It seems to be working well.

Good luck!!

Mommy Brain said...

I second the crib tents. It's how we got naptime back. Get the kind that has mesh all around and fits under the crib mattress. Then they can't even get their legs/arms out.

Leave them pantless but duct tape their diapers on just in case.

And once you do all that then turn off the monitor because they are 100% safe!