Saturday, January 3, 2009

An interview with a hockey mom

No, not an interview with Sarah Palin thank goodness. An interview with ME, conducted by my friend and blogger CK. If you'd like me to interview YOU, drop me an email and I'll come up with some awesome questions. Promise.

1. How did you and Doug meet? Doug and I "met" our senior year of high school in calculus class. He was the first kid in class every day, and I was the second. So, every day I'd say hi and he'd say hi back. That was about it. Nothing earth shattering or special. Then after graduation, we both ended up at a party on the lake, here in the town where we live right now. We hung out that day, swimming, jumping from enormous rocks into the lake (I am deathly afraid of heights and was truly showing off because he was paying attention to me), and after my friend who drove me went home, I had two choices~ride home with Doug, or with the creepy kid I'd known since middle school who I was certain had horrible plans for me had I ridden with him. So, I chose Doug. Then I went off to college, had a couple of boyfriends, dumped them and have been with him since 1991. Well, it's more complicated than that, but that's for another post.

2. If you could have dinner with three famous people (dead or alive) who would they be, and why? First, I'd have dinner with Mozart. As a musician, I am drawn to his music. I've played some of his flute concertos with an orchestra (omg was that fabulous as a soloist) and I'd love to chat with him and get his inspiration. There is nothing better than fine classical music. Secondly, I'd have dinner with Shakespeare. I hate his sonnets, but love his plays. I'd love to write, but find that I don't string my thoughts together well enough. I'd ask his advice. Thirdly, I'd have dinner with Laura Ingalls Wilder. It's been so much fun rereading those books with Meg, so I'd want to ask about her life and how much of the books are fictionalized, and how much are so true to life. I would actually take Meg to that dinner so that she could truly understand what life as a pioneer was like.

3. If you could have your dream job, what would it be? I'd be a teacher, either a high school english teacher, or teaching law classes in college.

4. If you had to go w/out computer, tv/movies or music which one couldn't you part with and why? Well, I hate going without my computer, but I couldn't part with music. I always listen to music with the kids, in my car, on my IPod. It can soothe my soul, or wake me up.

5. If you hadn't named your children their names, what would you have named them? This is a tough one. Meg would have been Cameron (Cam for short) if she had been a boy, Drew would have been Sidney were he a girl, and I debated calling the twins Charlotte and Emily after the Bronte sisters. I can't say that I would have named Meg anything other than Megan, although I do love Julie. Drew was almost Stephen after my grandfather, but he is actually named for a boy Doug and I know.

6. If money, jobs, etc. were no object, where would you live and why? I'd still live right here in Maine. I grew up without family nearby, and for my kids to have their grandparents (both sets) and cousins, aunts and uncles nearby is something that we wouldn't give up for the world.

7. What is the household chore you hate the worst? Which one are you best at? I hate, hate, hate to clean the cat boxes. I also hate to empty and reload the dishwasher, although I despise seeing all the dishes in the sink or on the counters. I love to vacuum. It's a Zen thing. I also love to do laundry (weird, I know) because the piles of dirty clothes make me nuts. But, I never manage to get any of it put away.

Thanks CK for these great questions!


creative kerfuffle said...

great answers. i sort of knew you couldn't live w/out music and i figured someone like mozart would be on your dinner list, the others were interesting. i love hearing what you might have named the kids and how you and doug met : )thanks for being interviewed!

CassJustCurious said...

awesome - I feel like I got to know you even better in one post then I thought possible. Lexi was going to be Henry if a boy and was nearly Grace....and boy we would have been fools with that choice as she likes to roll directly INTO everything with very little Grace.