Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I don't do

As a mom of four under age 8, there are lots of things I simply cannot do during the course of the day. Since I've been thinking about them, I'm just going to throw them all out there. Here goes:

1) I cannot run out for milk or diapers if I need them. Rite Aid is just down the road, but I have at least 2 kids with me at all times. I cannot just hop in the car and go get milk or diapers. I have to email my husband and ask him to pick them up on his way home from work.

2) I cannot go shopping. Period. The twins hate being strapped up in their stroller for more than a milisecond, the mall is 20 minutes away, and we only have Wal-Mart around.

3) I cannot talk on the phone. There is always a screaming child in the background. Always.

4) I cannot go to the bathroom alone. Annie and Izzie follow me saying "watch you, mama?". While that's adorable, I don't think it's going to encourage them to potty train any earlier.

5) I cannot tidy up my house. Oh please. As I put things away, I have many children right behind me dumping them all back out.

6) I cannot read Breaking Dawn. The noise level in the house at all times resembles an airport runway. But dammit I want to read that book!

7) I cannot watch daytime tv. Not that I want to, but I never have the tv on during the day unless Drew is watching Word World.

8) I cannot get laundry all put away. The only time I can get upstairs to do the laundry is when the girls are napping. And it's THEIR laundry that needs to be folded and put away. Do you see the conundrum?

What things can't you do when the kids are awake?


AndreAnna said...

I can't drink to MAKE IT GO AWAY. lol

Robyn said...

I can barely do ANYTHING that doesn't revolve around playing with Bear, feeding Bear or grooming Bear - as long as he's awake.

My only line of defense is to put a movie on so I can read, cook dinner, or go to the bathroom alone!

creative kerfuffle said...

even at 9 and 11 it's hit or miss if i can go to the bathroom in peace. sure, they may not actually come in w/ me any more, but they'll wait right outside the door asking questions. it's like a signal--mom's going to the bathroom, i need her RIGHT now!
and FYI, i finished all four of those books : )
i also cannot eat a whole bag of peanut butter m&ms w/ the kids around; they think they should be able to have some.

Jill said...

I'm with you on the laundry. It seems like whoever is asleep, that's the kids whose laundry I need to put away. And when they're awake, I can't fold laundry because they both love to climb laundry mountains. Lately I can't use my computer when Rocco is awake because he always wants to play Nickelodeon or Disney games. (Note to self: Buy that kid his own computer. Also, win lottery.) And the Spike-specific task I can't do it empty or load the dishwasher because he tries to climb in it. He can be totally distracted and I think I'm safe to go empty it real quick, but he has a sixth sense about the dishwasher and he's right there before I know it. These kids! They really get in the way sometimes!!!

Nina said...

My list is like yours... My 1 year old never lets me get on the computer. He throws everything on the floor and grabs at the mouse the whole time. If I don't pick him up he grabs my legs and cries until I do.

Anonymous said...

Very little. There's very little I can't do while she's awake.

Please don't throw things at me.

She's always been fine with playing on her own or "helping" me clean or do laundry or whatever. While she's napping, I park my arse in the recliner, eat my lunch and watch a few things off DVR.

I guess this means I suck at being a SAHM. Sure, my house is clean and my laundry is done, but that means my kid spends her days trailing me from room to room or entertaining herself for 30 minutes or so at a time. Nice.

Send me a kid or two--it'd give you a break and Morgan someone to play with :)

mpotter said...

i SOOO agree with #8!! i have laundry folded ready to put up in her room. going on 2 days now.

that's what happens when The Mr. isn't home!