Thursday, January 15, 2009

Third Time's a Charm

Yes, two posts in one day.

The Elmo cake was a pain this time around. It stuck to the pan; when I finally got it out, most of the nose and cheeks were still IN the pan. I scraped them out and stuck them in place. Thank goodness for frosting.

Apparently I haven't been reading the full decorating instructions for Elmo all this time, because to make the red for his face, I was supposed to add a bit of orange to the red. I don't remember doing that for the other two cakes. I did this time around and put in a ton of red tint. Third time's a charm:

Tomorrow night we celebrate and by the time the party is over, Elmo won't be able to see or smell. Ah the joys of baking cakes.


Jill said...

You all are going to have some red tongues and lips after you're done with that cake!! Once again, a masterpiece!!

AndreAnna said...

Very cute! Now I want cake. I hate you.

creative kerfuffle said...

sounds like elmo has a sinus problem : ) but he looks mahhhhhvelous. could you make the girl a vampire cake and ship it to nc by saturday ? : ) he he

LoriD said...

The cakes are both awesome! I love making cakes like this and I too would love to take an actual Wilton course. Happy birthday to your babies!

Mommy Brain said...

That looks beautiful! You did a great job with the red. I do not like having to mix red. It takes forever. Therefore, I am extra appreciative of how awesome that looks!