Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ugh, I hate titles

Have you ever watched Jeff Dunham? He is a ventriloquist. Google him if you've never heard of him. He is fantastic. One of his puppets is named Walter. Walter is a crotchety old man who hates his wife. I'm starting to feel like I've become Walter.

Holy shit have I been CRANKY. My posts are all whine, whine, whine, bitch, bitch, bitch. Now, yes, I am in MAINE, in the dead of WINTER, with four children, so I suppose I'm allowed a wee bit of venting. But all the time? Umm, no, that is not a good way to win friends and influence people. So, I apologize if my constant bitching is a turnoff.

I had some friends over to scrapbook yesterday and it was so much fun. I laughed. I drank coffee. I even put a few pictures in my Christmas album. My friend Emily and I were talking about The Mentalist (on CBS, 9pm Tuesdays) and how HOT HOT HOT Simon Baker is (Cass, you know what I'm talking about). It was so nice to just sit and chat with friends that I wish I could do it more often.

This Friday my baby girl is turning 8. Hard to believe it's been 8 years since she was born. She gets the honor of my last special cake of the winter, a butterfly. We gave her the option of skipping hockey practice Friday night to celebrate on her birthday, or go to hockey and celebrate on Saturday. She's going to hockey Friday night and we're celebrating with family on Saturday.

So, I'm hoping this week brings more smiles and less bitching. I would love to rid myself of the black cloud I feel following me around all the time. Anyone have ideas for how I can get rid of it?


Anonymous said...

Jeff Dunham cracks me UP! See? Looky here (and yes, I'm totally pointing to my ever growing ass!)...cracked.

Okay. Back to read the rest of this post.

Anonymous said...

1) I'm cranky, too. I'm in NY in the dead of winter and with only one child, but still. Cranky is my middle fricken name lately.

2) Simon Baker is a large branch on my yum-yum tree. 'Nuff said.

3) I wish I had friends to do anything with. Scrapbook. Have coffee with. Hell, I'd even clean their houses while visiting. I have ONE Mom friend here (well, two, but the 2nd one is moving in three days!).

4) Ideas to get rid of the black cloud? a) shoot at it with a really big gun; b) give it the bird everytime you think of it; c) drink. Lots and lots of booze.


Thia said...

How to deal? Kellie has some great ideas. All I came up with was plastering your walls with pictures of the beach and/or moving the Florida. I am in NY (central)too and that cloud surely stretches from Maine down to here.

LoriD said...

Mmmm... Simon Baker. I loved him when he was all broody and damaged on The Guardian and I love him even more now that he's all quirky and damaged on The Mentalist.

I've been cranky too. I know I'm being miserable, but I'm having a hard time stopping myself. I'm sure it's the cold and the dark mornings.

Nina said...

Spring is my cure all... of course I will not be very pleasent for a couple more months. LOL...

Jess said...

I know this sounds really simplistic, but when I'm feeling grumpy I make a list of the good stuff in my life and force myself to focus on that. It really helps.

mpotter said...

jeff dunham is great.
simon baker is too, duh- but the mentalist is a fantastic new show!(tho robin tunney gets on my nerves... did you see the one when she inexplicably fell down?) anyway-

but what brought me here was your title. love it. i so feel that way lotsa times!

hoping it all gets happier.

creative kerfuffle said...

jeff dunham is hysterical. we saw him in concert last summer--i almost peed ma pants laughing. and, am right here w/ you in the funk so if you find a way out bring me w/ you unkay?? : )

Astarte said...

I love Jeff Dunham! I like the terrorist puppet best - I Keel You! HA!

Try reading a quick book, or give somebody a call. Maybe that would help? If not, go to Starbucks and get some caffeinated crack. Yum. Even better, go to Starbucks AND read a book. Ahhhh. That's what I want to do, if the freakin' kids ever go back to school. We got a little 'snow', don't ya know. Sheesh.