Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to reality

Vacation is over. Doug went back to work today and Meg went back to school. It was the first vacation this year that everyone was healthy other than some minor sniffles, the weather was gorgeous and I felt calm. Today it's gray, cloudy and going to rain. Like Mother Nature knew how I was going to be feeling today.

It was a great vacation. The garden is started~lettuce, spinach, carrots, peas and beans are planted. So far, no vermin have gotten into it (which is good, since we haven't put up a fence yet). We planted some perennials along the rocks out back and my gardens in front of the farmer's porch are in bloom. The daffodils looks gorgeous, the pansies are doing well, and the tulips are getting ready to bloom. The yard is raked and the kids helped with so much of it. It was nice to go at a slower pace last week.

Now we're back to the weekly rush. Up at 6 to walk on my treadmill. Get the kids fed, dressed, and out the door. We've added another stressor this week~Meg starts softball tomorrow night. Games are at 6, and we have to be there at 5:30. Lots to cram in after she gets home from school at 3:30. But, it was our choice so I can't complain too much (doesn't mean I won't, but I shouldn't!).

Drew is almost potty trained! He took it upon himself a couple of weeks ago to start wearing underwear. Oh we tried potty training before, and he did great for a bit, then stopped showing interest. So, we decided to let him go at his own pace. He's only had a couple of accidents over the last couple of weeks, and woke up DRY today. I think if he goes a few days waking up dry, we'll try underwear at night. Of course, he'll finish potty training and I'll want to start thinking about potty training the girls.

Speaking of potty training the girls....anyone with potty trained twins have any advice? Meg loved her little potty but Drew refused to use it. I am thinking if I get a matching potty for one of the girls, I can sit them side by side and see what happens. But, I am going to wait a few more months on that one. I'll take any advice though!

Still am the "proud" owner of two homes. We had 3 showings over the weekend and nothing came from them. The house was built in 1942. It needs some TLC. Oh, we've done some things (new roof, new appliances) but it needs an update to the bathroom and a real kitchen (the countertops are painted wood). And in these times, people don't want to put any effort into a house. So, we're still trying, but I'm losing hope. See, we've already tried to sell it once, from 2006-2007 before we found "the tenants". And we all know how well that worked out. But, we had rooms painted to clean up the mess they made of the place and are having the rugs and kitchen and bathroom professionally cleaned on Friday so we'll see.

The one thing that I didn't accomplish last week was cleaning up my kitchen counter. It's covered with mail, school stuff, kids toys, etc. I should probably take advantage of nap/tv time and try to tackle it.


Sam said...

Glad you had a great vacation. I can't wait to get my flower beds blooming again. That's usually my Mother's Day gift/project.
That's great about Drew and the potty. I can't wait for it to hit Jordan that he wants to wear underwear, those pull-ups are expensive.
I have a friend who has twins (boy/girl) and her girl is just about fully potty trained, but her boy has no interest whatsoever. They just turned 3 in March. It just goes to say that every kid is different, even when it does come to twins.
Good Luck!

Saly said...

~sigh~ ED has been trained since just before he turned 3 except for at night. I can not get him to stay dry for the life of me.

No advice on the twins, but as for girls, my daughter trained herself just after she turned 2, with no prompting.

Yay for the garden!!

Heather said...

Your kitchen counter sounds like my dining room table. I always mean to clean it, but then I get distracted. Who needs a dining room table when you can eat dinner on the couch?

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i'd totally buy your house in maine except all of that SNOW comes w/ it ! LOL

Astarte said...

Hey, three showings is good, right? I think the market is turning a little now that it's spring. I've been seeing more 'Sold' signs up, and of course we just bought a new place ourselves. Maybe something will come of them in the end.

That freakin' kitchen counter is my nemesis. It's always a mess!!! No matter how many times I clean it off in a day, it's always a mess five minutes later!

hollibobolli said...

I thought we were the only proud owners of two homes - a title I would gladly shed.


and I think we'll (my daughter.. not me) will be in nighttime diapers for all eternity.