Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nothing special

We spent several hours at our other house today trying to clean. Bagged up trash, cleaned toilets, vacuumed the two rooms with rugs, re-caulked the tub, tried to figure out why the sink was clogged (in the 4 years we lived there, that never happened), cleaned windows. Doug spent quite a bit of time trying to fix the fence. It's old and junky and sections of it fell down. It's standing again now. Tomorrow we have the appliance repair person come to determine what is wrong with the dishwasher. Here's to hoping it's just an electrical glitch. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we'll find a buyer. I could really do without being a landlord again.


We may have a stripper in the family. Friday night we put Annie and Izzie to bed, then were sitting down to dinner with the older kids. Meg went to check on the girls because they were fussy and announced over the baby monitor that Annie was getting herself naked. Yep, she's figured out how to unzip her footie pajamas and take them off! So, we put her back in her jammies and the girls went to sleep. We went to bed about 9:30 and found her facedown in her crib in just her onesie! Again, put her back in her jammies and we went to bed. Got up yesterday and she was in her onesie again. Little twit. Did the same thing again this morning! Duct tape seems to be in order! Just kidding.


I had a nice day yesterday with my girlfriend Angie. It was nice to get out, work on my album project, which sadly is Meg from birth to age 1 (depressing since she's 7). I didn't start scrapbooking until she was almost 18 months, so I went forward instead of backward. I am incredibly behind in all my album projects, so days like yesterday are a godsend. And when I got home last night, I put the babies to bed after some snuggles, and Doug and I went out for a quick dinner. A good day all around.


It's school vacation week and I have the kids and Doug home. We're hoping to start our garden project this week. I have to do some research and then we can get to Lowe's to buy the supplies. I'll post pictures. We're trying to do (we. ha! Doug.) yardwork, as we got snow so early in the season that we never got to rake leaves. While I'm blogging he's out there raking around the snowbank in the front yard. I should probably go help instead of sitting here blogging.


Astarte said...

Ugh, I hate it when the snow finally goes away to reveal... nasty, soggy, dead leaves. Yuck.

Good luck with all the house breakdowns. It must be the season - in the past week, our hot water heater has started acting up, the kitchen faucet has come detached from the counter, and the mice are back. Good thing we're moving! I mean, if someone else was moving in, of course I'd fix it, but things being what they are, the hell with it!

Amy said...

Busy, busy! Does someone else watch the twins while you and Doug do all that work? I'm asking because if they are with you, I need to know how you do it! I can't even unload the dishwasher without being interrupted!

That's the funniest thing about Annie stripping. You'll have to let us know if it continues.

Don't even get me started on the PILE of photos in my house.

AndreAnna said...

If it makes you feel any better, my kid will not wear feetie pajamas at all. She hates them. I guess they're too constraining.

I don't think I'd like them either! LOL

Thia said...

Good thing summer is coming and the footie pjs can be packed up. My son already decided he's done with them by throwing major tantrums several nights in a row at jammie time. Finally, I just let him sleep in sweats. It isn't worth the fight. Hope you find a solution to your stripper.

moosh in indy. said...

Safety pin. Through the zipper and hooked through the neck.
Stripper thwarted. (I know because I too once had a stripper in the family.)

Creative Kerfuffle said...

ah, my boy is 8 and he goes commando almost daily. i've given up fighting that battle.