Sunday, April 13, 2008

The vultures have left the nest!

Ok, not quite, but the tenants are MOVING OUT! On Friday, my dad emailed me to say he called a neighbor of ours (lives directly across the street from the old house) and asked her to keep an eye on the house. She replied that she had seen furniture leaving and we took that as a good sign. Doug drove by yesterday after Meg's hockey and from the road could see that the dining room was empty. Today we took another drive down there, chatted with our neighbor who first reported the good news and then took a quick walk around to the back of the house (as they have all the shades drawn). There are still some things in the kitchen (like a partially drunk gallon of milk on the counter, eww) but the downstairs looks empty. We'll be going in Wednesday morning to inspect, as they have declared they will be out by midnight on Tuesday, and hopefully just move on from this experience and sell this house! If we can't sell it and do end up renting again, we've certainly learned our lesson on what to do, and not to do. Too bad it was a hard lesson to learn.

As I was perusing blogland this week, Swistle had a lovely post about shopping at Children's Place for little girls clothes (and if I had ANY IDEA how to link directly to that post, I would do it. Help internets!). And thanks to her, I remembered a $25 CP gift card burning a hole in my wallet, so today we went to the mall. Twenty one articles of clothing and $82 later, I was happy. I was able to purchase summer/springs things for all 4 children. Sadly, Meg is at the limit of CP's clothing line~yes, my 7 year old wears a size 14 (she is 4 foot 4 inches tall). Sigh. I will have to resort to shopping at Old Navy for her, because there aren't many places that I can shop for her that don't make her look like a hussy.

We are on the school vacation countdown here. T minus 7 days and I will have both Megan AND Doug home for school vacation. I am thrilled that he will be home for this vacation. Days on end with all four children make me crazy. And, if the twins are true to form, they will get sick for vacation. They were sick over Christmas and February vacations. Maybe they'll buck the trend and stay healthy. Please cross your fingers for that. Of course, they are due for their 15 month checkup and shots, so that ought to screw things up for them anyway. Poor planning on my part I guess.

And speaking of the the last 2 weeks, they have sprouted 3 new teeth! Without fanfare. Annie acquired 2 and Izzie 1. And it feels like Annie will be getting two bottom teeth as well. These girls are so different from Meg and Drew. When Meg was teething, she had a low grade fever, diarrhea, and drooled like a madwoman. Every. Single. Tooth. After the 3rd tooth, we figured it out. With Drew, he drooled like crazy too, and chewed his crib railings to pieces (had to buy plastic guards because he was literally taking chunks out of the crib!). Annie and Izzie are different. NO drooling. Ever. No fevers. Annie does chew on her crib railing, but it has a plastic guard and she doesn't do it too often. They aren't even incredibly cranky about the teeth, either. Makes it hard to know to give them some Tylenol. Basically, if they seem a bit fussy for no reason (i.e., they've had fresh pants, a snack, music, kisses, books, kisses) I jam my finger in their mouth and find a tooth. It's just bizarre. I'll take it, but it's still bizarre.

I guess that's all the news from here. I must go cheer on my Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox, as their both playing tonight. Thank goodness for Picture in Picture on our tv.


Creative Kerfuffle said...

i know what you mean about shopping for girls. geez, when did clothing manufacturers decide it was ok for kids to look like hoochie mamas? thankfully, when the girl goes to 6th grade in the fall they have a dress code. hooray for you on spending $82 to outfit the kids! what a coup!

AndreAnna said...

I am such a shopping ho! I can't stop myself now that I'm pregnant with a boy. Cute little outfits everywhere!!

Thia said...

It's amazing how differently they teethe! My dd was the fever, drool, grumpy type. My son is just the grumpy type. He acts all miserable and I can't figure out why until I happen to catch a rare finger in the mouth or it pops into my head. I long ago stopped putting my fingers in his mouth to check b/c it always ended in pain for me!
Glad the people are moving out!

Amy said...

Twenty-one articles of clothing for $82? You go, girl. I'm getting ready to write a post tonight about penny-pinching tips. Hopefully you'll comment with some insights.

*Hussy.* I don't know why, but that word always cracks me up.

CMB said...

I am so glad you stopped by. Isn't CM great! I will be a reader of your blog, for sure.

Jess said...

Blah. Blogger erased my original comment. Too tart? We'll never know...

But wow on the shopping success. Do you take interns?

And hurrah that the tenants from the land down under are leaving! Lesson that we've learned: Don't. Mess. With. Lawyers. They come armed with large student loans and lottsalottsa brains. It's a dangerous combination.

Mommy Brain said...

LOVE the Children's place sale right now. I bought too much but I had a 15% off coupon.

To link directly to a post click on the title of that post and the "individual page" for that post will show up. Then copy that link instead.

And what IS it with girls clothes and the hussy factor? Ugh. do you think baggy sweatpants and high collars will come into fashion before our "babies" are teenagers?