Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Deep Thoughts (but not by Jack Handy)

Thanks for all your nice notes about my darn migraine. Woke up with it today. BUT, I kicked its ass with some coffee and Advil. Hooray for small things!

Today was one of those days that I alternatively love, but hate. It was a day when I was gone most of the morning, sans kids. I volunteered in Meg's classroom and I really enjoy doing that. I didn't get to volunteer when she was in kindergarten because I was pregnant with the twins and didn't want to end up on bed rest and not be able to follow through with my commitment. Plus, once they were born I knew I wouldn't be able to be gone for any period of time. So, this year I worked out a deal with my mother-in-law so that I can volunteer every other Tuesday, just for a couple of hours. It's nice to see how Meg interacts with her friends and teacher, and how so completely different she is at home than at school. Almost like I've got my own little Sybil on my hands. Weird.

Because today was the Red Sox home opener, Doug took a later lunch so he could watch the ring ceremony (yes, I am spoiled rotten, as he comes home for lunch almost daily) so I ran to get Drew from school. By the time I got back and got everyone their lunch, it was almost 1pm. Half the day gone and I wasn't here for any of it. It's a nice feeling, getting out without the kids, but some small part of me feels guilty. The girls are so crazed with joy when I get home, even though they napped for an hour of my time out, so how could they have missed me that much? My afternoon consisted of keeping tabs on the Sox trouncing of the Tigers, playing with kids, visiting with my dad (who lovingly comes once or twice a week to get Meg from the bus, then plays with the older kids for awhile~thank you Dad!), and voila, it's almost 8pm. So while today didn't drag on like my other days usually do, it's just given me an odd feeling. I know I don't enjoy the long, drawn out days, but I'm not sure why I don't really enjoy the quick days either. Does it make sense to anyone? Because I just don't get it.


Amy said...

I understand what you're saying. I love to get out for a bit on my own, too, but I'm constantly wondering what the twins are doing while I'm away.

Don't feel guilty! That time is a sanity-saver. You NEED it!

Courtney said...

YES YES YES we understand! The quick days make me feel like I somehow didn't cherish time with my kids that day. The slow days make me feel like I am lost in some kind of baby vortex.

Just do what you can.

Saly said...

I love going out with no kids, but only for a few hours. Then I start getting antsy!!!

I remember the 1st time Hub took baby ED out for a few hours so that I could sleep. I was so panicky I did everything BUT sleep.

Susiewearsthepants said...

The quick days go by too fast. The slow days seem never ending. I experience both from time to time.