Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, Monday~Can't Trust that Day

I love the Mamas and the Papas. I love that song. I am not at all fond of Mondays.

My Monday started off with a migraine that was a hitchhiker from last night. I told it to get off at midnight, but it stayed along for the Monday ride. What a joy that has been. I've had migraines for 20 years. They are awful. It get them behind my eyes, so that even keeping my eyes open is horribly painful. Plus, with the pressure, bending over to say pick up a child or load the dishwasher feels like my head it going to split open from the pressure. I took my little concoction of medicine (Advil and Dimetapp) but it didn't even touch this headache.

HOWEVER, today I got a little break that helped. All three younger kids took a nap, simultaneously, today. Drew has been waking up several times a night and coming into our room, so he was beside himself exhausted this afternoon after lunch. I banished him to bed and he slept. So, I whisked the babies off to bed and I TOOK A NAP! Not a long nap, but enough to rest a bit before I got all the kids up and went to the bus stop. It was nice to relax, even just for 30 minutes. Migraine's not gone, but it's better.

No news on the other house yet. Not one word from the tenants since the letter went out. We have our spies in the neighborhood though and will be checking in with them for a status report. Keep your fingers crossed that this ends well. We still have someone interested in looking at the home for a purchase, so to have that work out would be swell.

Off for a bit of tv before bed. Too bad because of NCAA basketball game that the shows on CBS are reruns, again. I just got used to new shows. And of course on Thursday I forgot to set my DVR to record CSI while Doug was out playing hockey. Damn. Darn writers strike has me all confused.


AndreAnna said...

Ooooh, I get migraines too, so I feel your pain. Take it easy and feel better soon!

Amy said...

I don't get migraines, but I can hardly function when I get a bad headache, so I don't know how you managed! I hope you feel better soon.

So glad you got to nap!

Thia said...

Glad the headache is going away.
Thanks for the insights on kids after illness. My two have been remarkably healthy, so honestly, I don't have a ton of experience with sickness/recovery.
As for moving, we've been stationary for nearly 5 years, so I can deal with this. Before that we moved three times in three years.

Karly said...

I've never had a migraine, so I can only imagine what you're going through. Hopefully you are feeling better today!

Can't wait to hear how your tenants respond.

saly said...

Ugh, migraines are the worst. I get them a lot when I am not pregnant; they are typically cycle related. I was getting about 2 a week at the beginning of this pregnancy and thought that I seriously might die. Thankfully, just as I got a really good prescription, they stopped coming around. At least I have some good drugs for after the baby comes…lol.

I was so upset about the repeats last night!! I did get some laundry done though instead of lounging on the couch, so there’s a plus.

Heather said...

I've had migraines my whole life so I feel your pain!!! And, thanks for "stalking"...when things get you down, isn't it nice to know there are people out there that care? Even if we are strangers! ;-) Thanks for making me feel better!

Sam said...

My MIL gets migraines all the time and it keeps her in bed all day. I know she does jaw excersises that seem to help. It sounds weird I know, but she opens and closes her jaw at a slow constant movement. Who knows, it couldn't hurt any worse huh?
Nontheless, I hope you're feeling better