Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have some confessions to make (luckily, they are not at all earth-shattering):

1. I enjoy playing on Webkinz. What, you don't know about Webkinz? Oh, it's that buy a stuffed animal and then bring it to life in the virtual world craze I SWORE (just ask my MIL) that I wouldn't get Meg into. HA. Silly me for putting it out there. She got a Webkinz for Christmas (from Santa). I play in the arcade to earn her Kinz Cash so she can buy her bunny Rosa treats. And for fun, I adopted a virtual dog for myself. Good lord.

2. I like kids music. The Wiggles? Check. Laurie Berkener? Check. Dan Zanes? Check. I can sing along to just about every song. I have NO IDEA what is out there for popular music these days.

3. There are days when I absolutely abhor being a SAHM. Those are the same days I absolutely abhor my children. Hmmmmmm. Is it ok to love, but not always like, your children? I really hope so!

4. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up (I mean, when my kids are all in school). The whole lawyer thing was just a passing phase, some sort of insanity, maybe even a craze. It was NOT for me. I'd love to be a teacher. I am too chicken to take the teacher certification exam. Mostly because I don't think I know much of anything anymore.

5. Blogging is like legalized voyeurism. Actually, I'm not even sure it's legalized, but it's plain fun. I love reading other blogs. It makes me happy to know I'm not the only crazed person out there who consumes too much coffee, needs a nap, has too many toys, occasionally wants to throttle her husband, wishes that life was a bit less hectic and a bit cleaner. And I'm so glad that some of you leave me comments. Makes my whole day!


GroovyDaddy said...

I adore my daughter, even though there are days when she drives me absolutely bananas. So, yep, the conflicted feelings thing is totally okay.
And, yeah, I was always surprised when I found out you were going to law school. I never figured you for a lawyer. I always figured you end up an English lit. prof, or maybe a librarian like Auntie Nettie.
Ahhh ... for those long ago days on the circ. desk. :)

GroovyDaddy said...

Oh .. and Dan Zanes and Justin something or other is just huge around our house.
My monkey absolute adores reggae and will dance like a fiend whenever it comes on.
In fact, some seriously deep dub reggae was playing when she was delivered. So I think it's in her soul.

Sam said...

The Laurie Berkner and Dan Zanes I can see, but the Wiggles, oh I can't listen to them for even a minute. The wiggles are banned from our house. It's funny though every morning when I drop my little one off at daycare I forget to eject the Disney CD and I end up listening to Mickey Mouse all the way to work.
And I also agree...Blogging is AWESOME!!!!

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Here's one for you... I wanted to throttle my husband after he CUT THE TAGS off all the Webkins that we received for Christmas (and then threw them away) because he didn't realize that they were important.

Thia said...

I have just had about 15 minutes of reading blog posts that run something like, "I have a zillion kids and I love them all the time, life is just soo good etc etc." Then I come here and it's like settling on a very comfy couch with a cup of tea and a good friend! B/c I have times when I love my kids soooooo much, I just don't like them. And I expect, they probably feel the same about me.

Auntie Nettie said...

According to my mother, the feeling of being annoyed with your kids does not end with childhood. She's constantly annoyed with all three of her children -- and two of them have children of their own. She may love us 'cause she has to, but man, at times, she DOES NOT LIKE US ONE BIT AT ALL!

Yo! Shout out to groovydaddy. Little did we realize how much we were going to miss the Circ. Desk at the ol'M'Hell. M'Hell, though, Not so much.


Amy said...

I can relate to every single one of those confessions. The babies aren't into the kids' music yet, but I remember when my nephew was little, I was all about the Sesame Street songs. You are not alone, sister!

Flax Hill Gardener said...

I'm not up on all this kiddy music, but I have to tell you that my 3rd grade string students have been playing a D Major scale this week and they have words for it! Supposedly, there is a song from a kiddy show that uses a striaght scale as a melody. Someone somewhere made money from doing that. Genius!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

webkinz--omg, the girl discovered these a year or so ago. both kids have lots of them (gifts and saving their allowances) so yes, i've racked up some cash for them online : )
kids music--we have a disney radio cd and i think i know (and like most of) the words to every song.
with an 8 and 11 yr old there are many days i don't like them. i feel guilty, but damn they can get on my last nerve.
even after working in my chosen field for more than 10 yrs i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up, aside from independently wealthy so i don't have to work for THE MAN anymore.
i too think blogging is great. i've realized a lot of the same things you have, mainly that i'm not as screwed up as i thought : )